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My poetic friends;
beloved and dear.

I am here to tell you the news
that I so badly fear.

This wonderful place
where I've met some of my
bestest of friends
is sadly now coming to an end.

My life calls be further,
to go on and beyond.

To go on and to do
what I truly want.

This place is my home,
and no matter where I shall roam,
I know that here,
I will always be welcome
and where my friends
shall be near.

Unfortunately, I will be leaving this wonderful site soon. I cannot thank all of you enough for welcoming me, helping me, and enjoying my poetry.
I love you all and will never forget any of you.
I hope that perhaps, if time allows, I will be able to come back with more poetry and visit.
With love,
Masha Yurkevich

Some people call them
grey hairs.

I call them
stress highlights.



is a language that the

blind can see

and the

deaf can hear.

A quote I heard from somewhere and absolutely loved.

I believe


you can fly.


I really think you can.
All you need to do
is try.
So fly high, my friend! :)
I want
to believe that
you left
the best
possible time.
When you and
big man upstairs
had talked
what would
happen after your
And I truly hope you did.
Your eyes.
A menace.
Yet something so precious.
Your look.
So cold.
Yet as valuable as gold.
Your touch.
So tough.
No feeling of love.
Your words.
A lie.
Only to hurt they try.
And you smile.
Oh, that smile!
Makes you forget about the rest.

your eyes are soft.

Your look is caring.

Your touch is gentle.

Your words are kind.
So who are you really?
I could stare
into your eyes for
at a time.
Actually, forever would be just fine! :)
Be a
Stand tall,
wear a crown,
and be sweet.
is on vacation
but your
is working
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