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Jul 2019 · 166
A new god
Adebola Zakariah Jul 2019
Today births a new brood
A race of mindless clones
Of wakeful dreamers pining for a fix
Always hunting for the perfect selfie
Once their forebear's palate knew wine
A well cooked meal could make them Wax poetry
Those days now gone
Now all hope is lost
No eye or mind to see Picasso's Abstracts
And the genius of Van Gogh a bore
They wake to the first ping
Hand glued to their deity in a fevered Blur of strokes
They tweet and stream to their god in Hand
And at night their sleep a faint ghost Of of what rest should be
That faceless lifeless beast that tags Along everywhere the 'cool' takes Them
Ethereal and all-knowing it is
The god that fits perfectly in the palm of their hand
Adieu to the old gods and goddesses
There is a new god and his name is Tech!
Technology has transcended the imagined limits for it,and only God knows what ''they '' will give us in the next years to come
People have abandoned the common interactions that make us human for the friendship of phones. We need them to do everything these days,we eat,sleep and dream of them. If that's not what an IDOL is,then nothing is.
Jun 2019 · 313
A tune soaked in sweat
Adebola Zakariah Jun 2019
Lovers meet in hallowed places
Warm bed
Thick duvet to dampen the floods to come
Enter the actors
The shy unsure steps
Then brazen hands at last
Buttons snap like a magician's show
Bodies ones clad lay  bare
A kiss
And then some
A dance of two lips
Twisting and tasting
Tongues darting in an out like in a rhyme
Then the winding of waist
One thrusting
The other receiving
Sweat comes and hearts race
Then the pace quadruples
A battered bed
Two tireless visionaries
Pounding and panting in passion
Singing wordlessly
Time seem to wind on unchecked
Then the cry
A sound so sweet the eyes water
Bodies stiffened
Breathing hiked
A moistened end to a sweetened act
Here they are
At the apogee of the world
Sated at least for the sec
Who knows what thing lies ahead
When two unclothed lovers lay down?
Well,*** is one reason we all are. Evidence of our very existence, a necessary thing for the perpetuation of our line,therefore a sacred thing to be written on.
Jun 2019 · 90
Adebola Zakariah Jun 2019
Let's give this a thought
If one will eat right and love
Eat that apple a day and not so much meat
Take care to visit a doc a month
Be slow to anger and watch it all
Would he or she live forever?
Or die all the same
Life is a whirlwind
Blowing hard and strong like a crazed trumpeter
Who will survive its raging claws?
And if we lived life
Take a drink or more
Of red wines and root bears
Testing palates to sweet and sour
Do we then live long?
It seems to me we die
Not for the passage of time
A mass of a thousand tears and wears
But we die just because we lived
We live in a very strange time. Everybody you meet has a meaning to life,a firm and solid knowledge of it all. This is how I see it
Adebola Zakariah Jun 2019
This here is a tale of two
A chance meeting on a cold day
Few words exchanged
Distance made to vanish
A frenzied search for a shield for roaming eyes
Bodies glued like eyes to face
A hungry kiss,in a thousand places
violent roll in the sack
Time passed
Passion waned
Now is just a dream
A thing left in a sacred place
Like a temple to be visited
And brought to mind on demand
Memory is a great thing, to be able to bring to mind a thing so far in time,for me,is bliss.
Jun 2019 · 54
Adebola Zakariah Jun 2019
Here is to you my child
A few words from a man I hope is wise
Don't give your heart so soon
This realm is cold and callous
Filled with poets and pirates aloft
Yours is to hear their words
But take care to see the hearts too
Not all that shimmers should attract
Be strong enough to see the beauty in something grey
The wild turns of the climes pale compared to what a man could do
Giving you dreams and then rob you of will
Or make you supper but knock off the
stool as you settle to feast
Yet all hope is not lost
Sometimes you meet an Angel along
They hold your hands even when its hard to do so
And  dream dreams along with you as you go
For those mighty few in this wild lands
Live and live my girl
But know that life is not picnic
But like a Larkspur adorning arid lands
Such is this place we call our world
A study in contrasts
Love and pain
Sweet and sour
For every smile you must war a frown
And with the wisdom of age you must waste away a little
These is all I give and I hope they comfort you along the way
I read Kipling's IF as a child and I wished my father's whip was as lasting as Kipling's word. I am obviously not the wisest of men as am still very green in years myself ,but I do hope one day my daughter would read this and learn a little of life.
Jun 2019 · 117
The Ones we lost
Adebola Zakariah Jun 2019
I had a friend once with which I shared
A soft  whisper in the light and dark
Of how our life's would wind on earth
We built walls on ice and dreams in air
And now
Like a day in a delirious mind we have waned
And love once was now dead
I wonder sometimes if it was ever real
The lies we told ourselves
That we would show the world what love means
Beating against the cold hands of fate
Hugging even when distance rage its divisive might
Loving and fearless of the inevitable parting
Now I lay alone with a ghost
Dreaming and longing for the bye days
Those sweet days when you loved my lies
When just holding me in your eyes was cool
And now like a stale wine we part
Two lover who once was now adrift
Running aside  like East away from West
Perhaps some other life may come
When we live those dream anew
Learning to kiss and cuddle again
And your head may yet find my shoulder again
The beauty of life is the fact that we are a product of all that we have lost, not just the things we gathered along the ways ahead. Here's to all the exes we lost but we owed just a tiny bit of our stability of character,which of course we carried along with us to our new relationships and are the better for it.

— The End —