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Jun 2019
I had a friend once with which I shared
A softΒ Β whisper in the light and dark
Of how our life's would wind on earth
We built walls on ice and dreams in air
And now
Like a day in a delirious mind we have waned
And love once was now dead
I wonder sometimes if it was ever real
The lies we told ourselves
That we would show the world what love means
Beating against the cold hands of fate
Hugging even when distance rage its divisive might
Loving and fearless of the inevitable parting
Now I lay alone with a ghost
Dreaming and longing for the bye days
Those sweet days when you loved my lies
When just holding me in your eyes was cool
And now like a stale wine we part
Two lover who once was now adrift
Running aside  like East away from West
Perhaps some other life may come
When we live those dream anew
Learning to kiss and cuddle again
And your head may yet find my shoulder again
The beauty of life is the fact that we are a product of all that we have lost, not just the things we gathered along the ways ahead. Here's to all the exes we lost but we owed just a tiny bit of our stability of character,which of course we carried along with us to our new relationships and are the better for it.
Written by
Adebola Zakariah  32/M/NIGERIA
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