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Jun 2019
Here is to you my child
A few words from a man I hope is wise
Don't give your heart so soon
This realm is cold and callous
Filled with poets and pirates aloft
Yours is to hear their words
But take care to see the hearts too
Not all that shimmers should attract
Be strong enough to see the beauty in something grey
The wild turns of the climes pale compared to what a man could do
Giving you dreams and then rob you of will
Or make you supper but knock off the
stool as you settle to feast
Yet all hope is not lost
Sometimes you meet an Angel along
They hold your hands even when its hard to do so
And  dream dreams along with you as you go
For those mighty few in this wild lands
Live and live my girl
But know that life is not picnic
But like a Larkspur adorning arid lands
Such is this place we call our world
A study in contrasts
Love and pain
Sweet and sour
For every smile you must war a frown
And with the wisdom of age you must waste away a little
These is all I give and I hope they comfort you along the way
I read Kipling's IF as a child and I wished my father's whip was as lasting as Kipling's word. I am obviously not the wisest of men as am still very green in years myself ,but I do hope one day my daughter would read this and learn a little of life.
Written by
Adebola Zakariah  32/M/NIGERIA
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