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Stormy sand dunes of foaming memories
A dryness palpitating the scorched heart
The thirst waiting in her eyelids, teardrops
An endless desert beckons towards agony
And a violent sun burns her bruised flesh
But to endure it, to suffer worse than death
Can make this mirage of life, meaningful
So that others can one day find its purpose.

5oulPoet Feb 2
Machinations of dreamlands
Clockworks turning into ideas
Inside a dystopia of emotions
Perfectly tuned to each possibility
Until each sequence is in sync
And all residents devoid of variables

5oulPoet Jan 23
A thought like broken fragments
Kaleidoscopic yet still monotonous
Dancing in solitude, altering alchemy
Yet still jumbled like the morning crossword
Is there clarity hidden amongst mayhem?
Or is this chaos the unveiled mystery

5oulPoet Oct 2018
Sunset like drizzling honey
Spread across a toasted sky
Evening, a swirl of emotions
And the warm glaze of her arms
Both of us nested in the twigs
Of seeing our lives intertwined
5oulPoet Oct 2018
A cacophony of darkness
The silence of his thoughts
An extinguished candle
But the burning melancholy
Like a wanderer in the desert
Only the night brings him refuge
5oulPoet Sep 2018
A thousand feet
Walking in the rain
A thousand emotions
Washed down the drain
Each face a possibility
Each heart a capability
A thousand drops later
The storm still rages
5oulPoet Sep 2018
He unfolded his red turban lying on his khaat
Seeing me in my new ghagra-choli he bought
The evening sun setting in his eyes like a candle
While the stars sing as I watch him eat dal bhat
Tonight, I will be awake in all the quarters of the night
Watching your dreams tune away by the sarangi at my side

Khaat: A bed made of straws or rope popular in rural areas of India
ghaghra-choli: A Rajasthani traditional dress
Dal Bhat: A Rajasthani food dish
Sarangi: It is a bowed, short-necked string instrument from India
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