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Ariana Jun 2022
My mind is like a battle field
the only person there
when you are in battle with yourself
there will never be a compromise
a winner of the battle
Ariana Jun 2022
I have faced my fears
I am the first to obtain a college degree in my family
I have worked through trauma
I have changed so much in the past year
but I don't feel proud of myself
I still feel like the person I was a year ago
Ariana Jun 2022
Holidays are hard when there is a big whole in the family
Its hard
when I don't see your face in the crowded kitchen
Its hard
when I don't hear your voice or laugh in the chaos in the house
Its hard
when I don't see your face smiling back at me from across the room
Its hard
Missing you when I can't tell you!
If you are reading this let this be your reminder to tell your loved ones you love them and spend as much time with them.
Ariana Jun 2022
Something is missing
something doesn't feel right
the room feels a little more empty
there's a face that is missing
your laughter no longer fills the room
losing you has left an empty space
that will never be filled
Never take your loved ones for granted you never know when they will be leaving you for good. Always tell the special people in your life you love them because you might regret not telling them.
  Mar 2021 Ariana
Wearing of masks is not new after all
What is somewhat new is the wearing
of masks made from fabrics
People have always worn masks made of
smiles or vocal masks like "I'm fine", "I'm okay"

I look forward to the days when all
forms of masks will be dropped
When we can bare our souls even
when we don't feel whole and
we wouldn't be judged but met with
kindness and empathy.
  Mar 2021 Ariana
If life was meant to be viewed only in
black and white
God wouldn't have created all the colorful
things He made
God clearly loves diversity and that's why
He's made each of us (humans) unique in
our own way (pleasing to Him I believe).

I wonder why we still find it hard to accept
each other as God's Masterpieces
We were made with so much love deposited
in our hearts
Yet, we are allowing hatred to rule our world!

I look forward to the day when we will all see
the beauty in our differences and embrace
each other as ONE (as it was designed to be).
Ariana Feb 2021
I have been invisible my whole life
I was always the wired quiet girl
no one tried to get to know
Always feeling alone
and not wanted
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