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Jun 2022 · 163
Battle field
Ariana Jun 2022
My mind is like a battle field
the only person there
when you are in battle with yourself
there will never be a compromise
a winner of the battle
Jun 2022 · 249
Have I actually changed
Ariana Jun 2022
I have faced my fears
I am the first to obtain a college degree in my family
I have worked through trauma
I have changed so much in the past year
but I don't feel proud of myself
I still feel like the person I was a year ago
Jun 2022 · 51
Missing You
Ariana Jun 2022
Holidays are hard when there is a big whole in the family
Its hard
when I don't see your face in the crowded kitchen
Its hard
when I don't hear your voice or laugh in the chaos in the house
Its hard
when I don't see your face smiling back at me from across the room
Its hard
Missing you when I can't tell you!
If you are reading this let this be your reminder to tell your loved ones you love them and spend as much time with them.
Jun 2022 · 57
Empty Space
Ariana Jun 2022
Something is missing
something doesn't feel right
the room feels a little more empty
there's a face that is missing
your laughter no longer fills the room
losing you has left an empty space
that will never be filled
Never take your loved ones for granted you never know when they will be leaving you for good. Always tell the special people in your life you love them because you might regret not telling them.
Feb 2021 · 48
Ariana Feb 2021
I have been invisible my whole life
I was always the wired quiet girl
no one tried to get to know
Always feeling alone
and not wanted
Feb 2021 · 84
Mother Nature
Ariana Feb 2021
Being in Nature has a
way of healing the soul
it's beauty just
Withers away all
the worry
and pain
Jan 2021 · 54
The Little Things
Ariana Jan 2021
Its the little things
that make me happy
like the sunset
The night sky
and all the
little moments with
the people I
This poem was inspired by my dog. When I was watching her play I noticed how happy it made me.
Jan 2021 · 77
Ariana Jan 2021
I feel so lost
In this world
I know where I
Want to go
But I Don't know
If I am taking the right
path to get there
Jan 2021 · 76
Ariana Jan 2021
I never knew
someones smile could
make me so happy
I look at your dimply
smile it cures all
my sadness
your smile holds so
much power
Jan 2021 · 62
Ariana Jan 2021
Is a simple concept
and yet it
is foreign
to many
in this
Jan 2021 · 64
Ariana Jan 2021
When you are felling
surround yourself
with the people
who will
lift your spirits
and will be
by your side
no matter what
Jan 2021 · 510
Puzzle Piece
Ariana Jan 2021
Most days
I feel
like a puzzle piece
That was put in the wrong box
No matter how hard
I try to fit in
I will never
Fit in with the other
Jun 2019 · 186
Ariana Jun 2019
No matter how many times
I put myself back together
people tend to come
around and shatter me
Mar 2019 · 610
Be Patient
Ariana Mar 2019
It may seem like this darkness
Will never end
But it will
just like the night
The darkness will pass
And it will soon turn into
Mar 2019 · 315
Ariana Mar 2019
Why am I
So HARD to love
Am I not enough
For someone to love
Why can't he see what
Is right in
Front of him
I have been trying
To make him notice
Am I not like the
Other girls you talk to
Am I not as pretty as them
Then I realized
Why am I
Beating myself up over him
It is his loss I am
A beautiful and amazing person
And if he doesn't see that
He doesn't deserve me
Jan 2019 · 1.1k
Ariana Jan 2019
I seem to be fine
But in reality
I am dying inside
I hide behind a mask to cover the real me
People believe
I am this bubbly happy girl
But behind my mask
I am
Dec 2018 · 11.9k
Ariana Dec 2018
They say
parents are there for you
where were they
when I needed them
I was hurting
I was screaming for help
They didn't hear
I have become numb
To the pain
I have given up
Dec 2018 · 134
Cruel World
Ariana Dec 2018
You brought light into my world
I loved you
Why did you have to leave me
In this cruel world
The day you left
Darkness fell upon my world
Why did you do it
Was I not enough for you
I thought you were happy
I was there for you
I asked myself these questions
As I laid there in tears
Dec 2018 · 337
Ariana Dec 2018
you left us with so many question like
why did you do it
why did you have to leave us
we didn't know you were in pain
you yelled out for help but we didn't hear you
I am sorry we didn't hear you in time
now we have lost you forever

— The End —