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Ariana Feb 2021
Being in Nature has a
way of healing the soul
it's beauty just
Withers away all
the worry
and pain
Ariana Jan 2021
Its the little things
that make me happy
like the sunset
The night sky
and all the
little moments with
the people I
This poem was inspired by my dog. When I was watching her play I noticed how happy it made me.
Ariana Jan 2021
I feel so lost
In this world
I know where I
Want to go
But I Don't know
If I am taking the right
path to get there
Ariana Jan 2021
I never knew
someones smile could
make me so happy
I look at your dimply
smile it cures all
my sadness
your smile holds so
much power
Ariana Jan 2021
Is a simple concept
and yet it
is foreign
to many
in this
Ariana Jan 2021
When you are felling
surround yourself
with the people
who will
lift your spirits
and will be
by your side
no matter what
Ariana Jan 2021
Most days
I feel
like a puzzle piece
That was put in the wrong box
No matter how hard
I try to fit in
I will never
Fit in with the other
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