Feb 2, 2015

Waking up in a world,
with a picture of prefect.
Thinking how it should be,
but it's never was.
Putting up a smile,
Making loves one relief.
Telling them a lie to hide,
cause you love them.
The fact is you are just afraid.

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May 17, 2016

Heavily Freezing Tornado
Heavenly Furnishing Volcano
The cold dwells
The warmth settles
A Throat Grabbing Storm at night  
A Tsunami hides the light
A toonami a perfect show at night
But when life isn’t symbolic there is no anime  
And the main reason is to symbolize our own life in a way
Trying to fit it in a perfect sentence
While our heart and soul are in a life sentence
While the tornado (is in the body)
The volcano (is in the mind)
And the tsunami (is in the mouth)
Are the residences

Jul 10, 2014

I wish I could have the perfect blend.
Though I've told that happiness and sadness are packed together.
There are moments where people bring bitter songs, bitter looks and spicy whips.
My little kardia is a blender;
which does nothing but blend.
It amalgamate all the spices,
and end up broken somewhere.
My lips knows nothing;
as it keeps the perfect extension.
I wish I could have the perfect blend.
My lips doesn't know.
My hand doesn't care.
My inner voice is sunk by the others' opinion.
I'm afraid for the fact that;
being loved and being hated is a package
I wish I could have the perfect blend.

Was written on 03/07/14.
I was experiencing the mood swings :p
I would like to apologize for posting late.
Apr 24, 2014

two human souls
one unconditional love
few tear drops
one goodbye

Stu Harley
Aug 20, 2014

life seems
so unfair
i know
you care
i hear
the sweet sound of
your voice
only because
you sent me
a perfect windsong

Stu Harley
Apr 1, 2015

the origami birds
august light

for prefects
Terry Collett
Terry Collett
May 31, 2015

saw Yiska
by the trees

on the school
playing field
at the top

in the shade
from the sun
some boys were

kicking ball
in a game
girls sat in

groups talking
or laughing

walked the field
where Yiska
was standing

by the trees
all alone?
he asked her

she nodded
glad you came
wasn't sure

if you'd come
she told him
your brother said

you'd be here
informed her

it's quiet
by the trees
and maybe

we can go
in the wood
if no one

is looking
Yiska said

looked behind
where she stood

at the small
called the wood

must look out
for prefects
who come here

looking out
for couples
we'll look out

she replied
they looked back
at the school

playing field
all was clear
no one looked

so they went
in the wood
at least here

we can kiss
without eyes
seeing us

Yiska said
so they kissed
she with arms

round his neck
and his arms
round her waist

lips to lips
her fingers
soft stroking

his right ear
his fingers
soft touching

her behind
then her thigh
it was their

longest kiss
on the lips
neither breathed

(or so seemed)
then parted
and stood back

and studied
each other
she took in

hazel eyes
quiff of hair
Elvis smile

he took in
her small breasts
her fine curves

of body
the longest
that we've kissed

Yiska said
two prefects
he whispered

and they hid
in bushes
in the wood

as two male
prefects walked

past them both
hiding there
once they'd gone

they crept out
of the wood
by the top

near the fence
that was close
Yiska said

smiled and said
yes it was

lips to lips
his fingers

soft touching
her behind
and her thigh

a warming
and deep sigh.

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As the years go by, give me but peace,
Freedom from ten thousand matters.
I ask myself and always answer:
What can be better than coming home?
A wind from the pine-trees blows my sash,
And my lute is bright with the mountain moon.
You ask me about good and evil fortune?....
Hark, on the lake there's a fisherman singing!

jimmy tee
jimmy tee
Feb 21, 2014

the height of creation by far
the only one thing that required to be constructed
as to birth all the items, actions and facts
that build actuality
which is a mystery to us, but not to itself
so alive, such an incredible life cycle
the ten million degree womb
these furnaces hang
in defeated neon blackness
they boil in wonder

Ford Prefect
Mar 8, 2015

lukewarm tea
chocolates never gifted
an old book that makes me
too much and
a blue pen with
black ink with
bite marks on the cap
from where you
used to hold it
between your
for me
while i wrote
about how much i
loved you

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