Lunch Is Over After The Prefects Bell
martin murray
martin murray
May 2, 2014

In My Hat At School I Played Had
When I Was Bad Got A Slap On The Hand
So Glad To Have A Friend Named Brad
We Read My Mag In My Best Bag

School Milk In The Morning Was A Thrill
Share Lunch With My Friend Bill
Wobbly Jelly Dessert Was Swell
Lunch Is Over After The Prefects Bell

At The Back Of The Class
Behind The Teachers Glance
Paper Planes In Overabundance
Dissipate By The Chairs Rance

i was a good kid at school and so were you......
Because of Bonds - as Circles your Mind prefects
Xavier Paolo Josh Mandreza
Xavier Paolo Josh Mandreza
Sep 12, 2013      Sep 13, 2013

A-mongst the Noise, your Search for Her endures
Prick which Schedule your Sweetest Target strike
Oh these Excuses! Your Chance by Praise demures
Every Well-Matted Slot postpones your Like
Why use your Smile? If such Grin one could Rebel
And grasp Tangent Forms by Monopoly
How vast should these Gardens by Talents sell
Then land one's Favours to your Destiny?
I should know - your Life one's Stranger rejects
Though Knowledge be tantamount to Heresy
Because of Bonds - as Circles your Mind prefects
Keep those Tantric Arts to your Harmony.
That which is Fair - and Fair to her Consent
Shackle your Choices fixed by your Assent.

#tomdaley1994 #tomdaleytv
for prefects or teachers.
Terry Collett

I want to be with you,
Yiska says.

It's raining,
we're in the main hall,
looking out
at the downpour,
other kids are
in groups talking,
others are playing
card games,
others are running around
playing tag games.

We are together.

Alone together,
not here with these.

I study her
standing there,
her eyes focusing
on the rain,
her arms crossed
in frustration.

Can't be helped,
I say.

We could go elsewhere
and be alone.

She turns
and looks at me.


Any where’s better
than here.

Let's go see
where is free.

We walk through
the hall,
passing kids,
looking out
for prefects or teachers.

We walk out
in a corridor,
passing other kids
on the move,
prefects rushing by.

In here,
she says,
pulling me
by the hand
into the gym.

She closes the door.

Empty and quiet.

I look around the gym.

Smell of sweat
and wet clothes.

She takes me further in
and we go over
behind the screened
off area
where mats
and equipment are kept.

Here will do.

Do for what?

She kisses me
and draws me
close to her.

I sense her body
against mine;
her small breasts
against my chest.

She tastes of
bubblegum and milk.

Her lips are open,
her teeth visible.

I want you,
she says,
I dream of having
you alone.

We are alone.

Not for long though,
be end of recess soon.

I kiss her,
lips on skin,
on cheek,
lips on lips.

We pause
listening to the rain;
outside the upper window
where the raindrops drip.

prefects go there
Terry Collett
Terry Collett
Apr 13, 2013      Apr 14, 2013

Christina sat
on you lap
you sat
on the low brick wall

around the playground
leaning against
the wire fence
the summer sun

warming your head
as she sat
her grey skirt
drifted up

revealing thighs
over on the playing field
Goldfinch kicked the football
but missed the goal

(two coats put down
wide spaces apart)
and pushed his hands
in the air

with frustration
she leaned in close
kissed your cheek
her hair blocking

the view of field
her hands inside
your jacket
your one hand

about her waist
the other resting
on her skirt
covered thigh

there’s no where private
for us to be
she said
no nook or cranny

to be alone
her small breasts pressed
against your chest
her warm breath

invading your ear
I’ve heard some
go into the woods
over the way

you said
no good
she replied
prefects go there

too often
to be much use
she loosened her tie
and unbuttoned

her blouse
shifting on your lap
she set herself
more comfortable

the grey skirt
riding higher
showing more thigh
she pulled the skirt

down to her knees
as a prefect went by
catching her eye
you should be

on the playing field
not here
like that together
the prefect said

looming overhead
Christina got off
your lap
and brushed down

her grey skirt
with small hands
you stood up
giving the prefect

a small smile
and wandered off
toward where
Goldfinch played

with ball
with boys
you saw Christina
saunter away

her hips swaying
her hand
giving a wave
then she was gone

amongst the other girls
who stood and stared
at boys at play
her small wet lips

on your cheek
the kiss would be
unwashed away

you blew
from open palm
a secret kiss
to touch her

as she watched
the young boys play.

you noticed prefects
Terry Collett
Terry Collett
Aug 6, 2013

What would
your mother say

if you caught her
at it
with your old man?

O'Brien said
Davis chuckled
into his sleeve

at what?
Sutcliffe asked

his blue eyed stare
having it off
O'Brien said

you noticed prefects
at the school gate
ready to haul off

those who were late
having what off?
Suttcliffe said

eyes larger
his blonde
cropped hair

convict style
sex sex
you stupid bastard

O'Brien said
running his
ink stained hand

over Eddie's head
Davis lowered his gaze
at the school gate

you eyed
the tall prefect
with acne

and a pretend
who stared you back

with evil stare
Eddie said

I see what you mean
o she'd slap me silly
if I saw that

you all went through
the school gate
just on time

not a moment late
wondering how silly
Suttcliffe could get

and how often
he'd seen
or when

or where
and when
you looked back

the acne prefect
still gave
his evil stare.

and prefects
Terry Collett
Terry Collett
Nov 27, 2014

It was raining
and we were in
the school assembly hall
for the school buses
to take us home

Lizbeth put her hands
around my waist
and said
guess who?

Mrs G
with the stutter?
I said

she released her hands
and I turned around
no it's me
she said

I guess as much
I said

why did you say
Mrs G?

the first name
that came
into my head
I said

she frowned
then looked around
the hall

how long
before your bus comes?
she asked

shouldn't be long

I wish
there was a room
in this darn school
we could go

why's that?
I asked

she looked at me
and drew me
from other kids nearby

so we could
she said

could what?

you know

play cards?

you know
her voice
was a whisper
but a heavy loaded one

play strip poker?

she spelt out the words
with her lips

O I see
I said

I tried hard
to imagine
any room
for such a purpose
but she looked
around the hall
as if a magic room
would appear

can't have it all
I guess
I said

hey Benny
a voice called
the bus is coming

sorry got to go
I said to Lizbeth
try not
to carry on
without me

and I went through
the crowd of kids
and prefects
to the exit
and out through the rain
to the bus
that was waiting

I thinking of Lizbeth
and her need
for sex and mating.

Prefects Priveleges
Aug 21, 2010

Sitting on my bed
Gazing out at the view
Laptop in lap
I wonder
Being of mixed race
The truth of my origins
The blood coursing through my veins
Goffle they would say
But iv always believed a man's skin colour doesn't define who he is
A place where he is being killed
Home of the Ndebele
My hometown
Built on the ruins of a Royal town
uMzilikazi ,Leander Starr Jameson ,Lobengula ,Cecil john rhodes
Men of courage
Black and white
Fought struggles
Years before my birth
Mater Dei Hospital
My journeys beginning
My grandfathers end.
Joy and pain
My hearts memories
From Primary
Green fields
Where i spent my childhood
Life's little joys
In the rain
How it stung
Running through the grass
Taller than i was
Built with shoelaces
Fights in the sand
Afternoons spent picking mullberyys
The girls dormitory
Got me the cain
Thursday Nights
Prefects Priveleges
Cross country
The houses of Tuli, Shangani, Shashe
lifelong friends made
A place frozen in memory
Home of the best years of my life
Tears streaming down
Every Sunday evening
The way back
A boarders sentiment
Lasting 5min till reunited with friends
Tuck shared
Eskimo Hut
The Green Mamba Or Pink Panther
The food hall
Till dessert came
Mr Haworth
"The queen would be disgusted if she saw u eating"
The tide of his time
Wandering around my childhood
I bumped unintentionally into
Starless nights
First kisses
A little bit older i was

or other kids or prefects
Terry Collett
Terry Collett
Apr 3, 2012

It was sports day
at high school

and the field and tracks
were crowded with

teachers and kids
and the sun was out

causing sweat
and heat rash

and Reynard said to you
that girl who fancies your ass

is waving to you
over by the small wood

of trees and bushes
so you looked over

and saw Christina
waving a hand at you

leaping up and down
her short gym skirt

rising and falling
as she leaped

showing off
now and then

her dark green panties
mind she don’t eat you

Reynard said
and walked off

to watch the races
as you wandered over

to where she stood
at the edge

of the small wood
don’t you look

the sexy beast
in your black shorts  

she said
eyeing you over

her right hand smoothing
down your white tee shirt

are you running?
she asked

yes a short sprint
you replied

anything more than that
and I’m buggered

she looked at the field
holding her hands

in front of her
and you gazed

at her white legs
and white ankle socks

and black plimsolls
I’m in the relay race

she said
I‘ll have to watch

to see when my turn comes
then she turned to you

and said
have you been inside the wood?

you looked behind you
no not so far have you?

yes we went there
in science looking for bugs

and such
she said

maybe you could show me
you said

bugs and flowers

and butterflies
you replied

she smiled at you
maybe but teachers might be watching

or other kids or prefects
and what if my brother Cedric

sees us enter
and tells my parents?

just a science tour
to see all nature’s gifts

you said
tell them that

if any see us go
and you watched her

fumble with her fingers
looking around the field

and whispered softly

Before the prefects came around
Roger Turner
Roger Turner
Nov 22, 2012      Nov 23, 2012

December 27th, nineteen and fifty one
The day the snowball war had officially begun
It started in the schoolyard
It was supposed to just be fun
But, by the time the whole thing ended
No one knew just who had won

The grade five class were lying there in wait
As the kids from home form seven
approached the schoolyard gate
With a yell the whole thing started
They were served up on a plate
the kids from home form seven
would not forget this date

The air was full of missles
Launched from wet gloves by the score
As the victims ran for cover
They were hit by four score more
They were bruised and hurt and battered
As they ran for the school door
Now, the kids from the grade five class
Lay waiting there for more

Two teachers came to stop them
Get them back into the school
but, the kids just launched more snowballs
Using scarves now as a tool
They would catapult their snowballs
which was really, really cool
And the teachers ran for cover
In the safety of the school

They'd built a wall near four feet high
To protect them on both sides
It channeled all who entered
The walls acted as guides
At most their little walkway
Was only eight feet wide
and their victims ran for cover
For the school, a place to hide

It was dark when the attack happened
The form seven kids came back
They'd left the school from the front door
And had now planned their attack
Their first snowball hit it's target
With a loud resounding crack
It was clear that old form seven
Was truly fighting back

The teachers had a huddle
Met inside and chose to fight
They would wait until the battle
Had gone on into night
They would sneak out of the building
With the absence of the light
And attack the grade five children
And show them how to fight

The air was full of snowballs
Bodies, gloves, scarves abound
there were children hitting adults
And there were children on the ground
They'd been at it for six hours
When they heard the alarm bell sound
It was time to get inside for bed
Before the prefects came around

The snowball fight at Wellesley
Public School in fifty one
Is the one that they remember
Out of all of those they've done
In all one hundred people
Were involved in all the fun
For next year they are building
A snowball launching gun!!!

for prefects
Terry Collett
Terry Collett
Jul 27, 2013      Jul 28, 2013

The rain
had not stopped
all day
and so

you wandered
the school
assembly hall

like others
equally bored
now and then

out of the window
at the falling
of the rain
and the empty playground

and you walked
with Boxall
and one
of his cronies

and listened
to his poor jokes
or his tales
of his father’s farm

when Christina
came over
and taking you
by the arm

led you
to the passageway
and said she knew
a quiet spot

you could both
be alone
and away

from the riff raff
so you let
yourself be led
along the passageway

she still holding
your arm
and you looking
about you

at the passing windows  
and prints
on walls
of famous art works

and into a small
deserted room
the dark passageway

and once inside
she shut the door
and leant
against it  

looking at the one
small window
at the other end
it’s a bit dark

she said
but at least
we can be
alone here

for a while
she released
your arm
and moved

to a wall
across the room
and you followed
we’ll have to

listen out
for prefects
or the caretaker
whose room it is

she said
you looked at her
standing there
her eyes focused

on you
her hair neat
and well brushed
and some scent

coming from her
( her mother’s
she later said)

her grey skirt
(knee length)
and jumper
and white blouse  

sans tie
aren’t you going
to kiss me then?
she asked

of course
you said
and kissed her lips
putting your hands

about her waist
and she
did likewise
and it was strange

being there
with her alone
not having
others nearby

or other eyes
and the kiss
seemed surreal

even though
her lips
were on yours
it seemed

like a dream
her hands
pressed you
close to her

and you sensing
her waist
in your hands
feeling her hips

and then
her ribcage
sensing her
small breasts

pressed on
your chest
and the semi dark
of the room

and her scent
and flesh
and hands
and lips

and you listening
to her words
and footsteps
along the passage

and voices
and her eyes closed
and yours open
taking her in

sensing her there
and hearing words
not hers
outside the door

and you both
broke apart
and hid
behind the door

as it opened
and the caretaker

the door open
where you hid
and he stood there
sorting through

his junk
and you both
standing there
holding hands

lips burning
breathing in the air.

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