Jul 30, 2016

Is it a crime,
If I do not rhyme?

Will I be put to jail if my metaphors are lame?
Will I be put to jail because I steal your fame?
Or my life will forever be in shame?

I borrowed your words
Well, technically not really your words

I am not a word thief
Unless the Dictionary will sue me
Unless my own mind sue me

Hmmm. I always put a credit or cite the source whenever I used/borrowed something that isn't mine. But sometimes we've got exactly the same thoughts of what has been already read or written, would you still call that plagiarism? If you honestly didn't know that something like that already exist?

You can plagiarize me, baby.
You can act like me.
Talk like me.
Think like me.
It's all okay with me.
I only ask one favor,
I you're  gonna' ape me,
Please test your presentation on the Gorillas in the Zoo.
I'm sure they'll be impressed.

As talent drained from every inch of my mind
I found reading other's work only made me jealous
                   I started to feel unpopular
          Not enough ideas left to create anything at all. Not a single drop of inspiration.

      As all of theses emotions and realizations mixed together

I became okay with copying your work.

       I can imagine you slaving in the dark
Racking your brain to find the perfect words to finish the last line

       Lucky for me I have it all right here, completed and ready to post
     Finished and polished and prepackaged with a message I didn't think of but everyone will commend me for.

    I hope you enjoy it.

Not actually plagiarized. Just tired of seeing others plagiarize on here.
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Paul Butters
Paul Butters
May 6, 2016

In every “Poetry Place”
There is a Copycat Corner.
We know it’s a disgrace
So here’s another “Warner”.

Why they do it I’ll never know,
Those Copier and Pasters.
Their words they seem to glow,
But they’re a bunch of Wasters.

Taking all that praise,
For stuff they haven’t written,
It seems to be a craze,
And many do get bitten.

Just Google their “fine words” or use those plagiarism sites,
And you will find the original poems
Bedecked with copyrights.

I’m sure this place just isn’t free
Of people like this,
Just look and see!!!

The Admins must get their fingers out,
And give these villainous rogues a massive clout.
Me, I will show all due diligence,
But my job here,
Is to show My brilliance.
(NOT someone else’s!).

Paul Butters

Toby Lucas
Toby Lucas
Apr 14, 2016

How is it
That every perfect word has already been spoken,
Have all dropped off another person's tongue?
I feel I cannot pen originality, but chosen
Poetic words and poetic lyrics from poetic songs.
If a fledgling writer dips his quill in another's inkwell,
It's stealing and lack of imagination.
But in other's rhymes, lifting becomes an art
That leads to success, a homage rebranding genius.

I sometimes find it difficult to find just the right words, and often someone else seems to have done it so much better! Also, don't plagiarise ;)
Winter 2015
Arlo Disarray
Arlo Disarray
Jan 22, 2016

bhumika fulwani WAS a member of hp who has accounts on other poetry sites, and likes to steal other people's work and show it as her own.

another member of hp who wanted to remain anonymous had pointed out to me that she was using one of my poems on another site.

i was able to prove that i had written mine first and the stolen poem has now been removed.

i would strongly suggest searching for her on other sites, maybe even here, and make sure she hasn't stolen anything from you.
She recently deleted her account here. But on power poetry dot org she has an account with stolen poetry from many of you. I've seen it.

trying to warn others. having your work plagiarized is not a good feeling. i hate to perpetuate the drama on this site, but this is important. i don't want other people experiencing what i just went through.
Dec 20, 2015

They're out there.
Pens ablaze.
Out to startle
and amaze.
Quite adept at
turn of phrase.
Leaving people
in a daze.
Set the fire.
Smoke's a haze.
The arsonist's
pernicious ways.
Before you know it
reps are razed.
Even tho my
flank is grazed
I won't worry.
I'm unfazed.
Don't base my worth

upon your praise.

'nuf said.

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Nigel Finn
Nigel Finn
Dec 11, 2015

When words were stolen from my page
I flew into a useless rage,
But then I came across some lines
Which helped me through those angered times.

It was Poetry Journal (MVP)
Who pointed out the theft to me.
Ajey Pai K also showed
The plagiarism, and bestowed
This knowledge for the world to see,
And challenged them to disagree.

I did some research to discover
This matter clearly touched another;
Scout Pilgrims poem said "Don't be
An asshole!" to writers like me,
And so I tried to write some verses
In appreciation for the curses
You heaped upon the plagiariser
Whilst I, myself, was none the wiser

If it wasn't for people like you,
Who helped their fellow poets through
And valued the writers honesty,
I'd give up writing poetry,
And although this poems not my best
I need to get this off my chest
So I'll force the rhyme to make it so;
I appreciate it lots- thank yo!

In appreciation to those who stand up against the plagiarisers.
Sorry it's not very good. When I get the time, I'll try making something better.
Scout Pilgrim
Scout Pilgrim
Dec 9, 2015

Plagiarism is the seventh deadly sin of writing
Not only does it hurt the owner, but it also hurts you in time
Why do you need another's words to be noticed and set apart?
Those little red hearts aren't worth shit if it's not your art

Don't you feel incomplete?
Isn't it bitter without the sweet?
Can you not use your own voice?
Do you not feel guilt or remorse?
Don't you have things to say?
Or is likes all you seek in this day?
If that's true,
then I've got news
This won't make you happy
Happy comes from within
(or with some therapy)

But you will not find accolades
in claiming words you didn't say!
If writing is a passion you wish to pursue,
then, by all means, continue
With some practice, you might just be
as good as you lie to make us believe

IM VERY UPSET! i don't like being lied to and i don't like thieves. and i especially don't like being lied to by thieves! if anyone is wondering, this is directed at anurag mishra. they stole a poem called "sticks and stones". im not sure if it's still on their page or not, but that doesn't matter. they still plagiarized and they'll do it again
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