Joshua Carter
Joshua Carter
Dec 30, 2016


Beautiful souls build beautiful minds..
one in the same time..
lovely rose that grew from the inception of two blind..
creating fire and water that would bring divinity throughout destiny lies..
the beauty in knowledge that makes you think for yourself..
the world on its shoulders..
get that dirt off..
Matter of fact .. I'll help..
but who am I myself?
Empath ..
that may never heal myself..

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Dec 27, 2016

Circles of lavender around the moon
on the circuit where the lights fade
jaded in the doom of the darkness
inside the room where redness flash

Circles of you around the core of my soul
where we are joint by the sacrament of life
bonded by the foolishness of the world
bounded in weighted and contained measures

Circles of us see in hues and strokes of blue
lost in the wrongness of each other deficits
look at the sun and let it unburden the quest
listen to the birds whistling 'you are the one'

Circles around your feet tied to my head
as staggering momentums signals green
inside tried rings where demons are burnt
with a fair gesture of the care on my back

Circles inside my mind fooling the trees
where the bark merges with a sappy gem
as the splendor of dressed crimson sprinkles  
on a plinth where our sculptor just swirl

¥ou are the one
Ninah Dau
Ninah Dau
Nov 24, 2016

for how long can i go
without loving you out loud
before my teeth break
for bitting down on themselves
before my soul aches
to message you late at night
looking for old answers
with the same old questions

for how long will my heart beat
without you loving me
before it stops, tears, and breaks,
snapping the pain away like ink spills
from the old pens i keep

fow how long can i breathe the smoke
(if i were ever to quit smoking
but i'm not)
before my dry lips crust to their very core
becoming a thirsty slave again
from your puddles drinking dirty water
prasing you like the god you are not

fow how long can i exist in this sliver
burying my brain into the depthness of nothingness
I made myself become
voided, meaningless, so proud of all the bitterness
i never planned it out to be like this
but  it is such a beautiful thing to be out of feelings
unpure feelinds, lonely feelings, loving feelings,
shallow feelings, with you feelings, anxious feelings

fow how long will my poems sing about you
without cutting you with its sharp tongue twisted knife
before i can not longer crawl back to you at night
because it's so late and you're so tired and the never ending pain
keeps growing within me; (i wonder if you have ever noticed
all the bad you have caused me just by existing near me
so far away from me, outgrowing me like bad weed)

for how long have i loved you now
for how long have you not cared
drowing in front of my eyes,
in front of the mirror my poems have made me out of
ought to confront the not only wrecking but defeating battle
of loving the unloving, you;
for you were never one to settle
and it was pathetic of me to think
you could ever love me
for how often i realize that someone like me
doesn't end up with someone like you

i suppose i can only fool myself long enough
until i forget why i need to
but even that is not long enough, apparently

Ninah Dau
Ninah Dau
Oct 20, 2016

i love(d) you in all the wrong ways
perhaps unaware
that what was wrong was love
not loving
perhaps, because of anxiety
i held you too tightly
and you squeezed from my bare hands
to land far away, right next to me
perhaps it was the foolishness
of falling in and out of love
for the second time that took me off guard
and boy, when you took off yours
instead of kissing the scars
i poured salt in every wound
did it ever feel good
to wear me like skin?
how does it feel now
that I'm no longer near.

everything was lovely
but not everything was good.

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A R u s h of blood to the <head>, the pen WRITES <itse1f?
A S i n g le path of <destruction>, the inspiration IT <melts?
A U s e l e s s <aspiration>, the cause IS <unkown?
A A n t e n n a we <are>, a revolution We <spark?
A R e v o l u t i o n in <part>,  a perfect metaphor for love is what WE <?
                                              Search for me?


An ode to J, who is my favourite poet who has ever existed, she needs no comparison to the greats, she just is.
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I am aware that you are an ocean, an ocean with its endless mysteries; I wouldn't mind swimming into your deepest depths.
I want to unveil your mysteries; I want to know you.
I want your summers, your calm, your storms, your darkness.
Let me be your shore; the place where you crash, break, ruin.
Yet again let me help you build yourself up, stronger, mightier, tougher.

Let me inside your abyss where you hide your destructions, where you let no one in.
Let me love your darkness the way you never thought anyone ever would.
Bring on your most destructive tsunamis and watch me stay for I wouldn't mind drowning if that means I could hold your hand for the last time.
Bring on your strongest storms, I wouldn't mind.
I will always choose to stay.

You may see yourself as a mess but you are my favorite mess.
You are worth the trouble.
The chaos doesn't seem so bad whenever you hold me in your arms.
Yes, bring on your disasters.
Love, you are worth the chaos.

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Hayden Jae
Hayden Jae
Aug 16, 2016

We were better off together.

The late night conversations, the happiness, the snuggling into the covers ad sighing at sweet messages from a dimly lit screen

We were better off paired, like jeans--who wants only one leg?

The intake of breath when our eyes met, the constant need to be touching in some way, the flurry of butterflies we gave to each other

We were better off squared, where we could always protect each other

And now I'm left to wonder--do you feel as raw as I do?

Rawer and more exposed than I've ever felt, yet little to do to remedy it....I want that second layer wrapped around me.

But when I reach for's never there.

just reminiscing about the past people....and how it's always ended the same. i can't help but think it's something i'm doing....
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Aug 10, 2016

Therapists Tell
You to have hope
And that things will be okay

Tell you you can meet a friend
Perhaps one day

And it's all
With good intentions

And yes I understand

I'm afraid no woman
Will ever be my friend

Forever alone
I am

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Skye J Cardoz
Skye J Cardoz
Jul 3, 2016

You’re a two feet dragon. You’ve cute. Tiny with your essence.
You’re a mini fire breather. You obliterate my pains to dust.
You’re a fire breathing dragon. I catch my breath in your presence.
You’re joy in your protection. Your love is iron strong, never rust.

For Divya G.
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Allanah Zhang
Allanah Zhang
Jun 12, 2016

A letter of love that I keep.
You are a good memory that makes me weep.
Time flies so fast,
I close my eyes with a good memory to reminisce.

My love don't last,
but you are the first of everything I write in this piece.

Can you take me back at the time we meet?
So I will know how to write again what is love, and falling in love with you in bliss.

Morning, noon, evening, dawn.
All of my love pieces, written in the stars.
I know half of it is with you, folded, kept, a bittersweet memory.

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