Alexander Leino
Alexander Leino
23 hours ago

I can't reverse time
Always chasing those past times
Time to move forward

Don't live in the past
Kring MO
Kring MO
23 hours ago

As we get closer
The better beauty I see
As we get closer
So much happier I am
As we get closer
Oh God, the more heaven it feels.

23 hours ago

a year out, guileless
I now resume, wait, resume?
fear not, I'll add it


Guilt has rapped me whole
How do I explain my heart
When you hold it safe

#love   #haiku   #guilt  
1 day ago

This I promise you;
I will never let grey clouds,
hover above you.

#love   #haiku   #romance  
Carol Sommers
Carol Sommers
1 day ago

Five round, grey stones sit
Silently in the garden
Darkening with rain

#haiku   #nature  

the sky this very day
has a humdrum appearance
it's shaded in grey

#haiku   #grey   #skies   #shaded   #humdrum  

Theiving grey eyed lust:
Kleptomaniac of her
Relishing embrace.

Hey, I'm new here. Recommended to this website by a friend, typically write love stuff. Thanks.
#love   #haiku   #lust   #beautiful   #lover   #sunshine   #colors   #hearts   #grey  

When I'm in New York
I hear much talk of Paris
In Paris? New York.
People, leaving, kiss
In train stations, while others
In train stations cry
The man beside me
Knows that I'm making a show
Of leaving; oh well
It is more peaceful
To not find the book you want
The search is enough
Peaceful, too, cafés
Less picturesque than you thought
But enough, maybe
Tower 'round the bend
Only write when beauty hides
While it's here? Simply see
Emptiness follows
Me wherever I go—so
Why not be empty
The trip is over
Putting things in their places
Another begins

#haiku   #zen   #paris  
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