1 day ago

I go to sleep at
eleven eleven so
all my dreams come true
I wake with a 1:00 am
nightmare, it's reality.

a tanka is a form of 5 lined Japanese poem like haiku save for more syllables that goes in the order of: 57577.
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All poets are epic
Pages are left unfinished
A Work-In-Progress


Steam curls from the cup
My cozy morning habit
Sip after hot sip

#haiku   #morning   #minimal  

unworldly beauty
extraordinary being
blooming sunrise

All the elements
mastered by the greats of art:
lines, color, space, shape

Neither Van Gogh nor
Da Vinci could ever forge
art in the form of


#love   #poem   #poetry   #haiku   #art   #beauty  

Counting down the days
until I see her again,
however many.

All I want is to
see her in the light of day,
bask under her sun.

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1 day ago

Not a day goes by
That I don't picture your face
Right with mine again

To my great grandma: no matter what she was dealing with, she could always see through the bullshit life flung at her
#love   #sad   #haiku   #death   #memories   #lost   #bullshit   #bf   #grandma   #gf  
1 day ago

muse, one who inspires—
dream, an imagination—
you, muse of my dreams—
settle down, my heart, i say
—but your smile ruins it all

a tanka is a form of 5 lined Japanese poem like haiku save for more syllables that goes in the order of: 57577.
#haiku   #tanka  
1 day ago

Runaway with me,
We'll defy temporary
with new beginnings.

#love   #haiku   #romance  

you slip into my mind once again
as i slip into unconsciousness
guilt plagues my insides black
and all i can see from you now is red
why did i not leave you a note?
no, i was much too prideful then
it got in the way
but you must know i had to get out
and you can't blame me for not wanting to stay,
but don't blame yourself either
it was a haste decision,
dear, you must know i took your old cassette tapes and cinnamon scented perfume
i was with you for a year
but i felt closer to you when i was holding those objects in my hands
than i was holding you in my arms
i had to drive out of the state
get away
because i knew as soon as you came to find me gone
i was not going to want to see your doe eyes fill to the brim with your crocodile tears
and even thinking about it now makes me pity your cherub face even more
it's not that you are unattractive
(quite the opposite in fact)
you were always intellectual,
you were generous
but yet there was something off putting
and without reason, i will leave you now
sitting at home, trash overflown
with tissues and stained dreams of finding someone who loved you

p.s. the milk in the fridge is old and starting to smell. please, for your own sake, dispose of it.
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