Haiku - Haibun - Tanka - Senryu - Dodoitsu - Choka  (213 followers)
This collection is for poems written in various Japanese styles. There is more to this type of poetry than mere numbers.  One does not simply awkwardly ...
kookoo for haiku.....don't forget senryu  (66 followers)
finally, a home for your 5/7/5 writings and those of others..bring it here!
BUTTERFLY ROADS (Collection of Haiku / Senryu)  (47 followers)
A collective of most if not all my Haiku, and those that happen to belong to other poets, all of whom adore the Japanese poetry ...
Haiku  (43 followers)
It is impossible to single out any current style, format, or subject matter as definitive. Some of the more common practices in English include: three ...
Short Poems/ Khana/Haiku/5w/10w/20w  (41 followers)
//Collection of Short poems specially philosophical, Beauty, Meaningful word Bengali Khana, 5/10/20 Words //
Worthy few words (haiku collection)  (33 followers)
Okay, I agree lengthy is sometimes boring. :) You can share your little poems, particularly haikus here with pride. Give it your shot.Welcome.
Haiku  (20 followers)
Cotemporary , Traditional ( 5-7-5), ORIGINAL
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