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 Nov 2014 Zabava
Mtayrek Rana
I have a friend
Always here for me
Always arround me
A friend who protect me
A friend who help me
A friend who makes me eat ****
A friend who eat **** back
Oh ! Did I say a friend ?
I meant a **SISTER
 Oct 2014 Zabava
Urbaniste Lost
I thought the night was darkest
Till I saw the corners of your mind,
But I never knew such emptiness
Till I reached inside your eye.
Expectations aren't an illusion
That distortion can't reflect;
Before I was so certain,
Now you have more in all respects.
We who live outbound just don't take in.
We crave for more, desire burns right through our skin.
Yet indulgence remains a sin.  
So I'll lose this game. I just can't win.
 Oct 2014 Zabava
Urbaniste Lost
When I'm with you
It's like old honey
in a glass jar
so slow and sunny

Molten golden
nature flowing
But still, I see
where this is going

I'm not the apple
of your eye
Fruit rots and dies
Once it has fallen
A busy bee
Must spread his pollen.
 Oct 2014 Zabava
Urbaniste Lost
A wish like a whiff
The assertion of bone
A face like a cliff
Hollowed out, cut from stone

Cheeks reddend by rust
Eyes dampened by rain
As the layers of dust
Settle, hide the world's' pain

A wish like a whiff
The assertion of bone
Sing Sorrow a riff
You might feel less alone
 Oct 2014 Zabava
Urbaniste Lost
 Oct 2014 Zabava
Urbaniste Lost
She waited for ages,
for anything, some sort of sign
even just a flashing on the screen
a spasmodic vibration
but the message never came.

She thought she caught a glimpse
once or twice, in those eyes--such an aloof blue--
of something more substantial
crimson passion in his vain
anything to cling to
before her foothold gave way.

She was always dreaming
Reading signs
in the irises
figments of pigment
to color her translation
telling quite a different story
weaving a web of delusion
of homespun lies
and illusion
that someone so
could even graze the surface
of the outer shell of selfless
what an improbable
what a
she was.
 Sep 2014 Zabava
Mikayla Lash
Maybe I’m so quiet because
I find peace in silence
And flaws in my words
 Jan 2014 Zabava
“Studying at ------- University
Would afford me so many opportunities
That I could not find elsewhere…”

Personal statements are always BS
Filled with flowery phrases that
No one
In her right mind would ever actually use
My sentences had started to look like
A thesaurus had come along
And vomited up last night's party all over them
Who even talks this way?
Who can take himself so seriously as to think
That his pompous-assery would go unnoticed?
Who seriously wants to read all of this
Splattered all over the page
As though some English major's senior thesis
Had been brutally murdered?

“I am ready to bring my own
Determination and
Into the equation to improve the
Lives of patients.”

I am disgusted with myself
For trying so hard
To impress a committee of nameless, faceless
To convince them
With fancy words and pretty sentences
That I am the best person ever
The more I write
The more I wonder if it even matters
If it's really so important for me to become a
Well Connected PhD
Doctor of Philosophy
Engineer Extraordinaire
Patients are going to keep dying
And there's no guarantee I can do a **** thing about it

“The Institute of Biomedical Engineering teaches engineers
To work side by side with clinicians to deliver
Meaningful healthcare results.”

What a wonderfully vague phrase
It means nothing, really
Not without context
But it's Impressive and Dynamic
A phrase a committee would salivate over
(Because "drool" is too simple a word for them)
It's not enough for me to just come out and say how
For my entire life
I've dreamed of myself as Superwoman
Armed with engineering skills and a well-stocked lab
Ready to take down human suffering
I just want to heal people
And blood makes me faint
So I can't be a doctor
But I know my way around a lab now
And I can make medicines
In fact, that's all I want to do
Is to make new, better medicines
To grow cells and tissues and cures in my bioreactors
To make someone, anyone's life a little less painful
And these things cannot be told in florid prose
Because these are the messy parts of life
These are the parts that ache and ooze and itch
Keeping us up all night
Until words blur together
And all that's left are limbs and bodies and faces
So you can throw your thesaurus out the window
Because it's of no use here
None of the BS is helping anyone
Pretty words aren't going to make
A failing heart grow back
And this personal statement isn't going to
Purge anyone's cancer from their veins
But this person
Untroubled by higher diction
Might just do something useful
Written 6/30/13
Full version has BS written out explicitly, but I try to be more delicate on a public forum... University name redacted because this is on the interwebs where everyone can see it.
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