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Urbaniste Lost May 2012
She waited for ages,
for anything, some sort of sign
even just a flashing on the screen
a spasmodic vibration
but the message never came.

She thought she caught a glimpse
once or twice, in those eyes--such an aloof blue--
of something more substantial
crimson passion in his vain
anything to cling to
before her foothold gave way.

She was always dreaming
Reading signs
in the irises
figments of pigment
to color her translation
telling quite a different story
weaving a web of delusion
of homespun lies
and illusion
that someone so
could even graze the surface
of the outer shell of selfless
what an improbable
what a
she was.
Urbaniste Lost Feb 2012
A wish like a whiff
The assertion of bone
A face like a cliff
Hollowed out, cut from stone

Cheeks reddend by rust
Eyes dampened by rain
As the layers of dust
Settle, hide the world's' pain

A wish like a whiff
The assertion of bone
Sing Sorrow a riff
You might feel less alone
Urbaniste Lost Jan 2012
When I'm with you
It's like old honey
in a glass jar
so slow and sunny

Molten golden
nature flowing
But still, I see
where this is going

I'm not the apple
of your eye
Fruit rots and dies
Once it has fallen
A busy bee
Must spread his pollen.
Urbaniste Lost Aug 2010
i lied
i do love you

can't you lie
and say you do too?
Urbaniste Lost Jul 2010
Without you.
I’ve stopped laughing.
even at my own jokes.

Without you.
i’ve stopped drinking.
i’ve no impulse.
to smoke.

Without you.
i don’t ever.
lay in the sun.

Without you.
i just.
don’t know how.
to have fun.

Without you.
there is.
no one.
to impress.

Without you.
i have.
no reason.
to get dressed.

Without you
i should.
think about.
other men.


for some reason…
i only wish.
to be.
with you.
Urbaniste Lost Jul 2010
The world is glazed over
It blurs as it blows
‘‘The man’’ is so rigid
Wash him away in the flow
Reason burns benignly
Just like paper cranes
Thinking’s sinking slowly
Mouths are moths to the flame
Feeling the empty
You must fill the space
It’s not there, believe me
Still you feel so misplaced
For you fly high above
And you run the streets
Looking for love
And seeking your sweets
Urbaniste Lost Jul 2010
When will I be enough
Am I not what you dream of?
You beast, you haunt my nightmares
Not that you would care
You say “kid, you’ll go far”
Then you cut off my legs
How can I walk on water
When I’m down under, drowning?
And still you keep on frowning…

You only hold me back
You ball and chain.
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