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Jul 11 · 28
Give me a bullet
yv Jul 11
I've got to ****
My insecurities
Before it kills me
Jul 11 · 633
I'm okay...
yv Jul 11
I'm okay
is by far the
most often
lie I tell
and it's also
the lie that
always get
me caught
yv Jul 10
I live in a household
where the only language they speak
Jul 10 · 157
Her Pandora's box
yv Jul 10
She writes him letters
that he'll never read
letters that speak of her heart
letters that she'll forever keep
and expect her heart will weap
for that boy she always writes about
Jul 7 · 40
if it's not too much,
yv Jul 7
can I rest my head
on your shoulder
and fall asleep
in your arms
my dear?
I just want cuddles in this rainy season
yv Jul 7
She never knew where she stands
never knew what she's worth
and yet she always fall too fast

She wasn't able to get back up
to go out, it made her feel low
made her feel nothing

All she wants is a holding hand
and an open heart - acceptance
she's been begging all her life

But no one could hear her voice
all the way down there
she continued - having nothing else to do
yv Jul 5
I hate having to beg for attention
But I'm scared of not getting any

I hate that I have to beg for your time
But I have no choice, you're my life line

I hate this feeling of loving alone
But that's how much I love you

So I'll still beg for it anyway
No matter how long it takes
Even if my bones will break
Jul 5 · 465
yv Jul 5
are better
than your
yv Jul 2
Always stuck in between,
between being a kid
        and growing up
between being grateful
        and wanting more

I'm always stuck in between,
        but somehow never stuck
        in your heart, your mind
                                  your soul

You were always stuck in mine
Whether you wanted to or not
yv Jun 30
when a poet gets over
from being depressed
there's really not much
to write about
Jun 30 · 850
Vice #1
yv Jun 30
I seem to be obsessed
With loving people
Who don't love me back
Jun 28 · 43
before dawn comes
yv Jun 28
At night when I lay on bed
I find myself praying to God
to help me help myself

At night, before I close my eyes
I played music, it filled my ears
it blocked out all the dark thoughts

At night, when it was cold
and I had no one to hold
I cried myself to sleep

As well as the night after that
and the night after that
and the night after  that;
it never stops;
Jun 24 · 37
Do we even love?
yv Jun 24
The words I love you
Were said too much
It lost its meaning
Jun 20 · 36
yv Jun 20
Can you still love me when I am a mess? When my tears start to fall and all else goes wrong?

Can you still love me when I fail? When the whole world is going against me?

Can you still love me when you see me, the real me? When you realize that I have a **** ton of heavy baggage?

Will you still love me when I can't even love myself?
Jun 19 · 160
taken away
yv Jun 19
where did it go?
did the monster called reality
ate the smile on your face?
Jun 17 · 57
on a loop
yv Jun 17
Here we go again
Trying to stop tears falling
Just smile once again
Jun 17 · 42
You and I
yv Jun 17
You. You are a ray of sunshine
Mine. My source of happiness
We. I thought we were happy

You. You were that guy I never had
Mine. Maybe it was my fault
We. We just weren't meant to be

You. It was always you and you again
Mine. I'll never be able to call you mine
We. We cannot be, you and I, missed our chance
yv Jun 16
I am empty,
Trying to squeeze out words
To make a poem that is loved
At the same time hated

A poem that is loved
Because of its familiar sound
A poem that is hated
Because of the reality it portrays

I am empty,
Empty of love
Trying to fill up my heart
Only ending up void again

Again. Here we go again
This feeling of emptiness
Never quite sure
Of one's own emotions

Stranger. Who are you?
It's as if they were strangers
Not knowing what she loves
What she hates,  what she wants

She is her own stranger,
A different person each day
And each day again
That stranger felt empty
Jun 15 · 139
Isang tula para kay M
yv Jun 15
Nangungulila ako sa iyo
Sa iyong mga ngiti't halik
Nangungulila ako,
Sa iyong mainit na pagyapos

Giliw, patuloy akong nangungulila
Sa iyong wagas na pagmamahal
Na pillit **** ipinagkakait

O aking sinta, iniirog kitang sobra
Hindi mo lamang namamalayan
Ako'y nangungulila sa iyo
I just love how sincere this sounds in my mother tongue. As Jose Rizal said: Nakakapagbugso ng damdamin or in present days, nakakakilig <3
Jun 14 · 51
from words to dust
yv Jun 14
You keep throwing
words in the

a i r

and I keep blocking them out

these worthless words of yours
It won't bring me down

wait and see
the power of your words
It'll weigh you              instead

burn you to the ground
only until ashes remain
wait and see
Jun 14 · 39
Just like me
yv Jun 14
      the rain falls
      oh the rain
      can't help falling
      into the sea
      going back home
      to where it belongs

      I'm just like
      the rain
      can't help falling
      back in your arms
      to where I belong
Jun 13 · 182
to M
yv Jun 13
I kind of miss you
kind of hate you
kind of love you
all at the same time

You have no idea
bout the things
you do to me
you make me go
c r a z y

which is very unlike me btw
Jun 11 · 142
Only a moment
yv Jun 11
She screamed
At the field of flowers

She rest her knees
On dirt

For a moment
Beauty was distrupted

Only until
She held herself
Back again

Distortion in hiding
Beauty on the outside
Jun 10 · 267
Caving in
yv Jun 10
I fell too deep
Never got back up
It's too late for me

Go save yourself
Jun 2 · 32
Cried a river
yv Jun 2
I cried at your poetry
I cried at your words
I cried at how sad it seemed
I cried at your emotions
I cried at how dark it seemed
I cried at your poetry
I cried at its duality
I cried at its beauty and harsh reality
Jun 2 · 26
How are you?
yv Jun 2
How have you been?
Are you all right?
I look at the night sky and think of you
I listen to songs that remind me of you

Are you doing fine?
Have you eaten yet?
I passed by your favourite restaurant today
I watched the first movie we saw together

I wonder how the stars look up there
Do they look different up close?
How have you been?
Because I've been missing you since
Jun 2 · 117
yv Jun 2
Time had stopped
But for all the wrong reasons
It never went past
Jun 1 · 42
yv Jun 1
I find myself calling out your name
It sounded like something close to pain
These memories keep coming back
I find myself smiling because of them

The happiness was only short lived
I find myself being tortured
Things that made me smile back then
Only seems to make me grunge in pain

I found myself some place dark
It seems endless and futile to run
I let the darkness comfort me
I let it wipe the tears you caused
May 24 · 27
yv May 24
Why do people love in the first place?
Why do you let yourself get hurt?
In love, it isn't all about solace
You know you'd get hurt, you know it
But you still love anyways

How do you love someone?
Is there a proper way to do so?
Love does not have a guideline
It's one of the things in Earth
Where there's no right or wrong

So why keep putting boundaries?
Why prevent people from happiness?
Let them experience the ache, the pain
For them to realize, to actually realize
Just how lucky they are, to be in love

To be happy
May 23 · 219
yv May 23
Everyone seems to be so happy
I just can't have myself ruining it
Because of my heavy baggage
That's the least I can do
Darkness isn't something to be shared
So I write poetry instead
May 5 · 141
That Time of the Day
yv May 5
it's a little past midnight
and all I can hear is the voices inside my head
it won't stop, it keeps saying
you're worthless
you're worthless
you're worthless
over and over again
got this heavy feeling on my chest again and I doubt it's because of a disease
May 4 · 100
Save Her
yv May 4
She must've been broken
Her smiles don't reach her eyes anymore
Her laughter don't sound the same as before
She must've been trying to cope with it all
It must be real ******* her
Just try once in a while to talk to her
You never know the magic it'll do
It'll help her a lot
Apr 16 · 22
A scenario last night
yv Apr 16
hey i miss you

i really miss you

you *******, *******

I love you

Tears flew downs her cheeks as she turned of her phone.

"I miss you, ******* *******"
she whispered under her breath.
Apr 10 · 43
yv Apr 10
You made me start writing love songs again
Made me do things I don't usually do
It made my heart flutter a lot too
Made my ears go red and my cheeks too

It made me want to think that I have a chance with you
It made me feel foolish but it made me happy too
I've got this weird feeling when I'm with you
It keeps me on my toes, and my heart beats wild
Just like doodoo doo roo doo roo doodoo doo roo doo roo doo
Apr 5 · 516
I like you
yv Apr 5
He is someone out of reach
But somehow my heart insists

In his heart it does not exist
A place for my love to preach

It makes me smile: the sight of him
It's tingling my feelings within

Oh can you please just notice me?
With a sincere heart I plead
Apr 3 · 170
yv Apr 3
In this world,
- you'll feel insignificant at times
but it's okay, you'll get used to it.
Mar 30 · 615
Empty Words
yv Mar 30
You said
It was happy being with me
but as you got to know me
You left

we're worlds apart
just like in this poetry
Mar 10 · 81
yv Mar 10
I feel so small
In this big world
Full of amazing people
Mar 5 · 150
Life's Warrior
yv Mar 5
We crawl and brawl everyday
To fight in this life
and avoid death's day
Mar 5 · 41
Obra Maestra
yv Mar 5
In the dark room came moonlight
Gently peeking, filling it with light
Taking sight of unpleasantries
Yet somehow still beautiful

With pale skin, and brown dull eyes
Her long hair flailing around
She's painted in red with excess
dripping dripping dripping

An artwork of demons in her own head
Emotions engraving abstractions on skin
With blades as her pen
The blood colored in

The sight is intoxicating
Realing you in, it is hypnotizing
How beautifully painted in red
How void of emotions, how dead.
A masterpiece
yv Feb 7
Love brings happiness
It is warm and quite wonderful
Love gives a homely feeling
A belongingness, a place to be oneself.

When you're in deep enough
There's realization that love can hurt
Love becomes the reason for heartaches
It is harsh, and at times cruel.

The first experience of love...
Is pure, beautiful, and hopeful too.
Similar to when a flower blooms,
Giving off a sweet sweet scent.

You must not be reckless
Be cautious of its thornes.
For when the heart gets broken,
Comes second thoughts to love again.

But when in your heart
Comes love once more
Love without hesitation
Since all kinds of love are new
There's never the same love twice
Jan 13 · 142
Never-never Land
yv Jan 13
Living with a dream in life,
There are hardships along the way,
But for my dream it'll be okay.

A dream is a driving force,
It pulls you up
whenever you're not.

In thought of achievement
There is happiness,
There is hope for success

A feeling of excitement
As you come close to it
It's somehow a fulfilment

So I rose up and worked hard
I achieved my dream
But there's no happiness
yv Dec 2018
The demons come at night
And the smiles that were once bright
Fade away at once.
Nov 2018 · 90
In time
yv Nov 2018
there are days when i'm tired
too tired to comfort you,
when you're sad or mad
when you're lonely or lost

i'm sorry, for not being there
for not being your shoulder to cry on
someone for you to lean on
i'm just tired

just not at days like this
at days when i'm barely
able to pull myself together,
what more if you lean on me?

i won't let us crumble
and fall down together,
let it be just me
don't drown with me

i hope that you'll be okay
until i piece together my broken pieces
until then just wait for me
i'll be your shoulder to lean on
for now all i can say is sorry for not being there for you
yv Nov 2018
The truth is,

        I'll never find someone
        who despises me
        as much as myself

        and I'll never be able
        to let someone love me,
        'cause they said

        "you have to love yourself first,
              before anyone else does"

But what if I'll never do?
A condition I'll never meet
Nov 2018 · 92
yv Nov 2018
I miss my sanity

but for now

let me love

the insanity

you taught me

let me bask in it

until i learn to love you

and forget

about wanting to escape it

in the first place
Nov 2018 · 130
yv Nov 2018
my heart bleeds
from words that were spoken
which i should never have said

my heart bleeds
from your expression of anguish
and the silence hanging in the air

yet you still smiled
and held my hand
as if you didn't  hear of any of those words i said

thank you,
for accepting my unspoken apology
for forgiving me, even when i didn't ask you to
we easily say words that hurt other people
yet when it comes to apologies and confrontations
it'll take a million years, or none at all
Nov 2018 · 62
A lousy gardener
yv Nov 2018
A plant
with jealousy
will only end up
Nov 2018 · 797
Once upon a Star
yv Nov 2018
I wish that no fights
occur between families
all I wish is love
My first try on senryu
Nov 2018 · 64
Dear mister Insecurity
yv Nov 2018
insecurities insecurities
feeding on my mind
insecurities insecurities
are my company at times.

they say that jealousy jealousy
jealously's a crime
is it really that bad
to want something to be mine?

i am breaking breaking
breaking inside
yet i'm putting up a
a facade full of lies

everyone promises promises
that it'll be alright
all that they're telling me telling me
is false hope and white lies.

it is keeping me keeping me
awake through the night
it is killing me killing me
slowly inside.

can't you see can't you see?
insecurities eating me alive.
dear mister insecurity
won't you just leave me to peacefully die?
My fragile state of mind
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