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Mar 8
I never got the chance
To just sit down and feel the wind
Blow sweet whispers in my ear

How would it feel to be completly still
As the clock stops ticking
For all the good reasons

I may be alone, but no not lonely
As the birds fly in the sky so peacefully
So quiet that I hear my own heartbeat

I never got the chance to give
Although it's fair since I never looked for it
Since they said let love find you

How nice would it be
To just tear this facade of a fantasy
And just pour out all of my anxiety

All I want in life is to be happy
Turns out things don't work out that easily
You grovel and grovel and grovel

A field of flowers in every horizon
Go cry your heart out
Go scream till your lungs hurt

No one will hear you anyway
Now put your mask back on
Put a smile on your face
Written by
yv  17/F/in search of a dream
(17/F/in search of a dream)   
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