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Young Soda Feb 2016
Most easily dredged up by balloons,
though it's in snowflakes, beehives,
watermelons and seasides, tennis
shoes, bare feet, deep dives and knee
highs. Two cups, four hands, infinite
tea, smiles. Falling asleep on the couch,
running a mile and then breathing out.

In the perfect timing, the rhythm
to life. The taste of the nectar, the
setting of the vivid dream, the smell
of the clay. The touch of the stone,
when you arrive at the peak. The
frequency of her soul, the feeling
of freedom. The communion of
people, who have found the same
wisdom. The light of the morning
Through the windows, of home.

The sound of harmony flowing
through your cerebrum. The air
in your lungs, the long breaths
when you breathe them. The
light in your face that reflects
off the sun. The clouds that help
all of the plants toward the sun.
The dog laying still finding warmth
in the sun. The air that was born
and that lives in the sun. The
piece of us that was once tied
to the sun.
air and water are some good tings
  Feb 2016 Young Soda
Winter, I love her.
Her cold embrace loving and tight,
She chills my bones and heart
So that it doesn't matter I'm cold at night.

Sh makes me forget this,
Shattered, splintered heart.
She helps me forget the arrow
The flaming dart that broke it apart.

I love her sweet whispers
Brushing over my skill shaven bald,
Over my chest, my bare legs,
She loves that I don't shiver at all.

She doesn't mind the black, the grey, and the deep
Dark blue
Colors of my clothing that match my mood.
She doesn't mind my raggedy look, my darkened eyes
And the stone ice frozen muscle in my
Empty chest.
I love winter because she loves right.
Even though I'm depressed she loves me best
From back in my depressed days.
Young Soda Feb 2016
The motion at hand, and at
foot  as well. the bond of the band
forms an invisible shell.
a shell or a dome or a roof or a wall,
It was never built. It can't ever fall.
speaking its language, rattling plates.
its plugged into the wall
it flows through my face.

It goes through my shoes, my
head and my hands,
We're playing the blues, dig
it. Check this out man. Feel
what I'm saying and get back
to me. The band wont stop
playing, you'll get that, you'll see.

Its in those around me,
we're making it up.
Together with sounds,
and drinks from our cups.
we speak with no words,
carry thoughts with no nature.
none other than sound
there's really no danger.

The smallest known things
and the cycle of balance
together with rhythm
incompatible with malice
the sound has a name
known well by most.
But its life. and its forever.
It's time and it's close.

just take whatever you can get from this I really don't know how else to put it.
Young Soda Nov 2015
wake up from your adventures, and take a dab.
don't take it far, thats not your job
the dab will take you as far as needed
and you're blankets will resurface.

put on your garments, and take a dab.
the day is new, and its age unknown
its crispy mood has woken your hairs.
You'll need to wear those socks.

Have a potato, and take a dab.
theres plenty more, so don't rush
the savory maple cloud, of pancake.
the coffee is void of the cow milk.

greet your neighbor, and take a dab.
His dog will have a bath, the cat
the rabbit, the finch, the turtle, the mouse,
they will all be thinking about oats.

Hop off your bike, and take a dab.
the ocean left you clean, the sun
a blueish green shade of wandering.
you're a person, in their shoes.

put on some tunes, and take a dab.
the day was tall, hungry and sharp.
the yellow sky fogged with milk
is calling you from your bed.

open the drapes, and take a dab.
the dancing wind will have its supper
and your nose will get to drink.
the green air finds your shirt.

Its been a long life of living
so take a dab
and wake up in a new one
to take more dabs.
Young Soda Oct 2015
the smell of tobacco
Lingering in patchouli
voyaging onward
Highways of physical
Manifested memory
cycles of cars, homes
dogs and cats along
we notice that sound
aroma and coffee taste

Now we can drive too
the hurricane of scents
cycles bikes and basements
greets the pets and parents
the car is still in the driveway
sleep sound for the morning
and evening as well
she might be gone but you're still
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