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Young Al May 2018
Crouched, soaring through the cosmos
A sugar-coated menagerie
What follows is interest
Dot to dot for the hungry

Crowd, out pouring the swallows
A twinkle of opportunity
The cause most have missed
Dots a-line, and symmetry.
Young Al May 2017
Like minnows through trawler nets
They get by

Neutrinos stream in my head
All the time

A gross grip on spinnerets
Catch a fly

Where are you in the wakeless night?
Close your eyes
  May 2017 Young Al
Our hearts are made from puzzle pieces
Intricately complex, but incomplete
Full with gaps, stains and creases
Changing with every heartbeat.

We're all looking for real connections
Something fitting instead of patches
And endure a lot of rejections
To find the best possible matches.

This puzzle is hard to complete
At times impossible to cope
Not wanting to admit defeat
We continue, because of hope.

Hence I too shall keep on going
Like everyone else day by day
Constantly failing, but also growing
Collecting my heart along the way.
Special thanks to Mr. Jin!
Young Al Mar 2017
Doctor, please, take me out of quarantine,
I need fresh air to breathe, the sun to feel,
Seems queasy in here, this room shrinks,
It stinks, but it's not me, it's the environment,
Let me out, please, it's not my fault,
These walls, pads, and bars are not for my health

Doctor, please, have some sympathy
For a young life yearning to leave, this place it thieves
Of all healing, listen, there's nothing wrong with me,
I'm not broken, I'm fine, I'm burning inside
With a fever your medicine cannot aleve,
Yes, I'm weak,
But its your fault, not mine, open the door,
I implore,
So the world can welcome me with open arms and intimacy.

— The End —