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2.6k · May 2014
Yasmine Dennis May 2014
Never knew love until I gave birth
The love from a mother to a child, vice versa
How can you deny a face so sweet?
Just to think, we once shared a heartbeat
How could I just give up on you?
You're my motivation, you're presence fuels me
Colic and terrible two's...***** training and I love you's
Who could deny a face so sweet?
Seem like yesterday, April 13th...A face I couldn't wait to meet
I never want to fail you or steer you wrong
But how do I explain why your daddy's gone?
Why deny a face so sweet?
There's so much love I'm wanting to give
Teach you the necessary lessons to live
From day one I've been by your side
Held your hand through low and high tide
Am I capable of showing you "double love"
Granted, there's no limit to my love for you
But I can't love you like a father should do
He deny a face so sweet...
So special, one of a kind
Missing out on all the great times
You deserve so much more, a full time father not a boy who comes then snatches your joy
A horrible cycle I put you in
Mommy is sorry to call him your kin
Never will I deny your face so sweet
I am your protector until the end
My love for you I'll always send...
May not be from your dad but I'll try
A face so sweet, you have my heart until I die
1.6k · May 2014
Yasmine Dennis May 2014
Ouch. It hurts.
My muscles tighten...the pain intensifies
I reach for you as tears swell in my eyes
Take 1 every 6 hours, the bottle reads
Can 1 cure the pain? Yes, Indeed
Much better, symptom free.
Ouch. It hurts.
My muscles tighten...the pain intensifies
Let's try 2, I feel the symptoms on arise
Much better, symptom free.
No hurt. No pain.
***, he just said we're done.
Ouch. It hurts -more painful than the first day
My heart has been torn, torn in the worst way
Let's try 4, that would numb it to the core
A broken heart is hard to fix...4 didn't cure
1 more left...but I think I need 6
A simple signature from a doctor will help this fix
A quick visit to doc and I'll be fine
Ouch. It hurts...the pains still there...doc nothing works
Take these 4x a day they're called percs
Ouch. It hurts.
My muscles tighten...the pain intensifies
Fake doc signatures, false diagnosis, all the lies
Up to 25 a day...reaching for the orange bottle
...even when the pain is away
Fading in and out, in her own world
Still broken hearted no cure for this girl
Ouch. It hurts.
My muscles tighten...the pain intensifies
A bottle a day, she's losing the fight  
Who knew 1 pill could ruin my life
Ouch. It hurts.
My muscles tighten...the pain intensifies...

— The End —