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Julie Murphy Jul 2018
If giving you the stars
Would put the sparkle in your eyes
I'd build a giant staircase
And make it supersized
If giving you the moon
Would put the brightness in your smile
Even if it took me forever
It would all be worthwhile
Because baby, your my diamond
That has beauty inside and out
I see all of your sadness
When your head is full of self doubt
Your not aware of your worth
And think that you belong on the floor
And that, my darling, eats away at my core
If giving you the clouds
Would make you believe in yourself
Id swap everything I own
Including my health
If giving you my love
Would give you confidence again
That's a battle that's already won
I'd give you the earth, all of space
And everything surrounding the sun
(C) Julie Murphy 2018
Julie Murphy Jun 2018
Have you ever had a bond
That no one can shake
No matter the distance
Not even heaven can break
She's your breath in
As you breathe out
Her pride for you shining
Taking away your doubt
That ****** in your heart
She fillls with her love
As she sends down raw courage
With kisses from above
If you listen closely
Just enough to hear
You will hear her voice so clearly
Whispering in your ear
She tell you to be strong
your made of powerful stuff
She's saw how hard it's been for you
But she knows that you are tough
She knows that for certain
She remembers everything that you taught her
But how can you ever get over
The sudden death of your darling daughter?

(C) Julie Murphy
Wrote for a friend after she sadly lost her 21 year old daughter, the day before her 22nd birthday
Julie Murphy Jun 2018
I feel like having a go
At whoever set my lifes path
You've given me so much hurt
And left in the aftermath
Numerous abusers as a child
Then turned on by my mum
Who stuck by her husband
And threw me to the slums
Childrens homes and called a liar
Was my life there after that
Then let home to the mum
To become nothing but a door mat
With kids of my own Violent boyfriend took control Broke my nose with his head
And I sink deeper into a hole
I kicked him out and depression hit
I couldnt take much more
My sister came in to 'help' me out
And i watched my kids walk out the door
Only one week it was meant to be
But "your not better" i was told
Confidence rock bottom
My heart is about to fold
I fought and fought
Till my girls came home
I had never in my life
Felt that way,broken and so very alone
My eldest daughter wanted to stay
Didnt want to live with me
My family had poisoned her 12 yr old mind
As I was about to see
She wanted to live with her gran
The mother that still lived with 'him'
Not a thing i could do, her minds her own
And my mother acted on a whim
She sat my baby girl down
And told her in detail of what i said
About what her husband did to me
And put the word liar in my baby's head
My daughter hates me now
She believes her gran is golden
She told me i made it all up
And my world came folding
Anyone else i can take it from
I took it all for years
My mother knew what she was doing
By releasing my worst fears
My daughter call me a liar
Thats a weight i cannot take
I had to move away
Maybe this is really my fate
My baby comes to visit
And i refuse to let her go back
She really hates me sometimes
And i talk lots of flack
My sisters believe their dad
And wont speak to anymore
They all think im a liar
Which kills me to the core
One gets married in may next year
But im not invited to watch
I wont see her tie the knot
And i fall another notch
All I want is the truth to come out
But the game of waiting ive played too long
Good things are meant to come along
Why is it me always me in the wrong?
Will I get a happy ever after?
Get the truth and my family to know?
Cant see it ever happening
I need to get out this low
For now i sit and i pray
That my daughter will cleary see
Everyone else did all the lying
And i was just being me.
Julie Murphy Jun 2018
For my first born daughter
Motherhood began with you
I didn't know what love was
Till I looked into your eyes of blue
Always know that I love you
And I'm proud your part of me
I'll always try to protect you
Even when we disagree

For my middle daughter
This one is for you
You showed me unconditional
And that love can really be true

For my youngest daughter
beyond your years so smart
you will always be my baby
and my monkey wonderheart

I think its important
for those you love to know
just how much they mean to us
so I'm giving it a go
I wrote this for my girls
so they know how much they mean
I want them to know how loved they are
Even when there being a stroppy teen.

(C) Julie Murphy
Couldn't come up with title, feel free to comment your suggestions
Julie Murphy Jun 2018
This is a story of a boy
Which may be a little sad
At the tender age of only eight
Alexander sadly lost his dad
He grew to be a dashing man
And married in twelve sixty one
To Margaret, the daughter of a king
Who tried to bully his in law son
He wanted recognised as an overlord
But Alexander directly refused
Margarets dad did not kick off
But surely his ego was bruised
In twelve sixty two
Alex claimed he owned some land
The Western Isles belonged to him
He decided to take a stand
King Haakon of Norway disputed his claim
And set sail to true form
Alexander prayed for more time
And Haakon was caught in a storm
He died after falling ill
And Alex pressed his case
Haakon's succession to the throne
Did not keep Haakon's pace

(C) Julie Murphy 2015
All feedback welcomed
Julie Murphy Jun 2018
Am a lass fae Govan
There a wiz born n breid
When a wiz wee a wiz playing tig oan the *****
N a split ma poor wee heid

Fae Glesga tae Fife
Wiz where we went
Tae a flat in Methil
That ma maw goat fur rent

Tae skool a went like
A scaredey cat, a didny know wit ti expect
Second year it the high skool
Wiz a bit eh a pain in the neck

Home eckie wiz the class
A waaaanted it tae be fun
Skool went well n a started wurk
Tull a wiz cooking a bun

Am a mammy eh 3 noo
Bit wit kin a say?
A replaced the telly
Nae mare tumbles in the hay

Ma weans are getting big fast
Aw gawn ti skool their self
But if a dont shake ma *** now
A might get left oan the shelf
Spoken like a true Glasweigan
Julie Murphy Jun 2018
I fed you, clothed you
Kept you warm
I kept you safe from
The day you were born

I tried to protect you
The best that I could
I love you in every way
Just like a mother should

The world is a bad place
I want to wrap you up in cotton wool
Keep you away frm the bad things in life
And everything else that is cruel

I cant wrap you up or
Protect you forever
I want you to make mistakes
And learn its better to be a giver

I want you to be happy
With confidence in all you do
I want you to believe in yourself
The way that I believe in you

I want you to grow up
Be popular and be yourself
I want you to follow your dreams
And live in perfect health

I want your knight in shining armour
To knock you off your feet
To love you faithfully forever
And be what makes his heart beat

I want you to know that
No matter what life throws your way
Unconditionally I'll always love you
Even after my dying day

Even then I will be your angel
Try to guard you from the bad
For now I'll be your best friend
Your confidiant your mum and dad´╗┐

Copyright Julie Murphy 2013
For my three beautiful daughters.
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