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Writam Allan Ray Feb 2016
What if your nightmare
Is my reality
If you didnt know would you care
Heres what I see

If you dreamt,
You couldn't see your parents,
They may see you,
But must leave you be.
You have post traumatic stress.
And every night you can relive
The moment they died
Right before your eyes.
The fire engulfs them
And you here there cries
Would you to awaken,
Knowing it was there true demise
There no should to cry on not even one near

What would you do then
I know if it wasn't you
You'd bully the one
Who lives the dream
The one who awakens
With his own screams

This is what I live
This is why I cry
The others, they torment me
Because I never have dry eyes
Its been three years
Since I've truely smiled
I am a shell
Who simply takes space
Til that vivd day
I cut off my own face
Ohh My life's Companion

It is better that I take my sorrows with me
Let me narrate the story of my heart
Let me douse you with my tears
Let the tears swab down to your feet
Writam Allan Ray Aug 2015
I woke up this morning
only to find my woman's
tears drying on my pillow.
She must have left during
the night without saying
good night, fearing I would
not want to listen to her

I could only hope that it was
not something I said that made
her think I was lying
and that was what caused her
to start crying.

Now here she is late into
this night,
knocking on my door,
crying out like a wayward
voice in the wind,
asking me to let her come in.

I opened the door
to let her come in
and that's when she started
to cry again.
She asked me to hold her
in my arms
and I obliged
as she stood there
and cried.

Precious started to shiver
and shake,
so I asked her
why she quaked.

She looked at me
and I could see the color
drain from her face,
while her tears slowly rolled down
my arms, gently falling to the ground.

I could sense that there
was something amiss
and I was not going to be remiss
with the woman I loved,
as an inexplicable cold  
came over her
causing me to shiver.

I had an unexplainable
feeling that this might
be the last night
I would be spending
with my Precious
and I did not want her
to slip into a state of unconsciousness
before I knew what was causing
her to behave like this.

I looked down at her ashen face
and asked her if she had taken
something to cause her to
act like this,
all the while wondering if I
was the cause of this.

Precious just looked at me
while she grew weaker in my arms
and then unexpectedly,    
she grabbed my neck,
pulling me down to her quivering lips
and whispered into my ear
that she came here tonight
to die.
Why did she say she came
here to die?
Tears came to my eyes
because I did not want
her to die.

I started to panic because
I did not know what to do
and I did not want her to die
without knowing why
she wanted to die.

I held her tightly in my arms
and tried to keep her warm,
but to no avail.
Her knees began to buckle
and her eyes rolled towards
the back of her head.
That's when I thought
she was dead,
but she started to cough
and as if that wasn't enough,
she went limp in my arms.

I picked her up
and laid her down on my couch,
knowing all along I was no slouch,
nor was I insensitive,
but I had to do something
to help her out.

While I was covering her
knees with her skirt,
Precious reached out
to grab my shirt,
pulling me down
towards her drying lips
and whispered to me
why she came here to die.

Precious said she chose to die
rather than live because
there was no love from me
coming into her heart.
She said my kind of love
had been wrong
for so long.
Then, she told me that I only
loved her mind and body,
not her heart, or soul.
Precious whispered to me
that there was no meaning to her life
anymore knowing that there would never
be any love forthcoming from me going into her heart
and that was why she chose not to live,
but rather to die.

I moved closer to her ear
to tell her that she was right.
I said to her that I should have
loved her heart
right from the start
and not doing that was a fatal
mistake on my part.

I asked her why she
did not come to me
and talk about this
because if she had
she would not have done this.

I wanted to tell her that I
loved her,
but I was scared to say
I love you.
I even wanted to marry her,
but I knew the moves I made  
for her were not right
and now it is too late to make
it right.

Precious moved closer to my ear
and said words that cut
into my heart like a thousand
I know now from what she
just said that I will never have
any kind of life knowing the
memories I have of her will
haunt me night after night
for what I have done here tonight.

I held her head in my hands
and told her that I did love her,
but I sensed she thought it was
a lie.
I whispered in her ear that I
loved her more than Romeo
loved his Juliet.
I told her she was my Juliet,
my everything blessing,
my silver spring  
and the Angel that slept
with me at night,
walked with me in the day light,
all the while protecting me from
the thieves with their lonely tramps that
walked our streets at night.

I pulled Precious up to my ear
and she stopped whispering,
only to start gasping for air,
so I laid her back down once again
for all I could do now was painfully
watch her life come to an end.

The light in her eyes began to
flicker on
and off
and the only tears coming from her
eyes now came from the trickling
of my tears falling into her lifeless eyes.

Blood started to flow from the corner of her mouth
and that's when I started to shout out her name,
but nothing said by her came.

What's happening here can't be real.
I must be in a dream.
I pleaded with her to tell me
that this was all a lie
and that she was not going to die,
but a response never came.
Oh God, what an *** am I,
since it was me that made  
her choose to die.

I remember Precious telling me
that she only wanted to live
for today,
no matter what got in her way.
Well, in the end, I got in her
and now I will have to live
the rest of my life
knowing that I killed the only love
of my life.
If anyone should be dying,
let it be me for the
the horrible life
I've led.
Why, why God, was I not
laying here dead
in her stead?

I looked down at her again
and the pillow that was
under her head
was bathed in red.
Her body was without life now
and my heart was welling up
with pain.
I felt like I was going insane
because I was the only one
who should be blamed.
I took a heart full of love
and turned it into shattered glass.

I leaned forward and gave Precious
a long passionate kiss,
then I whispered to her keep
this kiss because I would soon be
joining her.
I closed her eyes
while I cried,
then I said my goodbyes.
I kissed her one last time
while telling her
that my love was hers
to keep forever.

I wanted to go outside
and lash out at the night,
or at anyone in sight,
thinking this would ease the pain
building up in my heart.

I realized then that there was
no one left for me to talk to
except for God.
I took hold of my woman's hand,
looked up to the heavens
and thanked God
for bringing Precious into my life,
then I made a promise to Him
that when I was with Precious again,
the only thing she will get from me
would be
my undying love
and devotion
to fill up her heart.

Rest in peace Precious
and know in your heart
of hearts
that I love you!
Writam Allan Ray Aug 2015
Take my hand,

    Drips of tears.

    Lead me out of here. Fear,


    Tears continue to pour.

    I start to fade away.

    What was once Bright,

    quickly turns Black.

    My heart?


    My eye?

    Burn with tears.

    My wrist?

    What wrist?

    My hope is gone,

    done with.

    It left when you did.

    Now I'm waiting.

    Waiting on something that will never come

    someone who will never show.

    slowly dying.

    Slowly fading.

    Bright goes to dark.

    Light to black.

    Happy to dead.

    Smile to frown.

    Me to nothing.

    You to..

    The one that killed me.
Writam Allan Ray Jan 2014
Pain became my friend today
She showed me how to hide
She’d been watching from a distance
Every tear I cried

Pain became my friend today
Reached out her hand to me
Then pulled me into darkness
Introducing misery

Pain became my friend today
She’s emptying my heart
She’s now my constant companion
Tearing me apart

Pain became my friend today
She isolates my soul
Now without her I am nothing
In her I’m consoled

Pain became my friend today
Saw me kneel down and cry
Then she lay down right next to me
Kissed my joy good-bye

Pain became my friend today
Acquainted me with sorrow
Who showed me how to dwell in agony
And fear the break of tomorrow

Pain became my friend today
She’s making my heart cold
Pain became my friend today
The only hand I hold
Writam Allan Ray Jan 2014
me and you
you and me
as close as
any two could be
holding hands

letting go
must never let
the others know
kissing only
when alone

spending hours
on the phone
loving when
the time is right
keep it hidden

out of sight
in out hearts
we know it's true
best friends
but lovers too...

me and you
you and me
as close as
any two could be
holding hands

letting go
must never let
the others know
kissing only
when alone

spending hours
on the phone
loving when
the time is right
keep it hidden

out of sight
in out hearts
we know it's true
best friends
but lovers too...
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