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Mila Wrekked Jun 2012
I will never be
your American dream.
Do not compare me
to your trophies;
they disgust me.
I am flesh
not your meat
I am brain cells
do not exploit me
(It's not working,
it never was).
You blind fool
decide for you
and I for me;
get your nose
out of my junk.
When you attempt to impress me
it doesn't impress me.
What is it
you think you are seeing?
How come that
is what you choose to believe in?
You find it fun
to talk women down
I'd find it fun
if you were no longer around.
brokenperfection Aug 2014
throwing shade
only works
if your receiver
listens to shadows
A list of lost poetry

Lies on my bed stand

and An archive of memories

Rests in your hand tonight

Another sob story

To another break up song

Another solitary cigarette

To another, “I knew better all along”

So, rather than the ladder

I’ll minimalize farther yet

Until I can’t believe in anything

and I manage to forget

She skipped the song

and Got right along to her favourite verse

She said she practiced, but forgot to rehearse

She says, “I hope I’ll be up to par, tonight”

She looked so fragile against my skin

My favourite probably was

The time when I

Believed the lie

What a pleasure it was to succumb

What a pleasure it was to feel alive

What a pleasure it is to say

I forgot to say good bye

She said it’s a control thing

Something that looks grim in the right kind of light

and I’m an eye sore to the onlooker

I guess I never worried much about that

Somewhere between wish I may

and Wish I might

Somewhere between

The fire

and The flame

Somewhere in between everything

I forgot to feel anything at all

I was never what you hoped I would be

but You have to admit, I did try

I tried everyday to give you something to believe

but I understand that some things

Just aren’t up to me

Some things you have no choice

but To sweep underneath

and The floor’s starting to lose shape

Under the weight of things

She knew the horizon, it wouldn’t change anything

We run from our geographical locations

Thinking that our region will change

Our core being

Created in God’s image, we are foolish creatures by nature

We ride on hope that’s never been validated by anything

We dig our fingers into the sand and revel in our pipe dreams

She’s praying against all odds that her rod

Isn’t the one that gets struck by lightening

“I’m not ready,” she said

“How can I let go,

When I don’t even know where I’ve been?”

At the end of the night

She lit a cigarette

She watched her smoke

Billow into the sky

She tucked her laces into her shoes

and Brushed off her jeans

She picked her keys up off the ground

Then she leaned in, and kissed me good night
Cedric McClester Jun 2016
By: Cedric McClester

When it’s more than about
A club full of ****
And we run out of toe tags
Or body bags
To identify the dead
And we’ve half mast the flags
Will we face the ***** Low Down
I’m thinking Bozz Scaggs

What you gonna say then
About your right to bare arms
Have you joined the militia
Or succumb to the charms
Or an errant gun lobby
Who don’t give a care
About how many die
As if they’re unaware

Our right to live
Should trump any amendment
Because it’s real basic
And also ascendant
It makes me wonder
Why some are dependant
Upon assault weapons
Like a kind of appendage

When it’s more than about
People some might hate
Or minimalize
Like they’re second rate
I wonder what then
Will be the debate
Around sensible gun laws
See I cannot wait

Cedric McClester, Copyright (c) 2016.  All rights reserved.

— The End —