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Talor Fulfer Mar 12
I was blew away by her big, beautiful, blue eyes that are like the sky.

As dark as the deep sea, but as bright as far as I can see; I was blue away.

Those eyes will never dull; when I see them I see you sweet southern soul.

I just want you for life just seeing those blue eyes every morning and night; I'm always blue away.

Our love will never decay; we will never fade, and I will always keep you safe both night and day.

I am blue away.

They were like a blue moon in the night sky.

So dark and lonely lit up only by her eyes.

The blue they held went as high as the sky and as deep as the sea.

I will never hurt you, that is a promise to you from me.

I will never look away because those eyes have so much to say.

I can never stop looking, that gaze has me tooken.

I am so glad that i met you, that you fell my way; Just remember im just a few miles away.

I have so much more to say, but its too much to explain.

I would love to wait and say it on another day.

Just remember, I am here always.
This poem is a poem that is deep in my heart and only touches the brim of the love I have for the person that I love. I hope you all enjoy please comment and let me know what you think or your opinions. Thank you and have a great day
Talor Fulfer Feb 23
You are beautiful
They are hateful
You look weak but you are strong
They look strong but are weak
You are you and be that way
They are not orginal
You if you stay you
They will always be below you
I know a bit of a strange poem but its meant to be a mental encourager that encourages oneself than others opinions.
Talor Fulfer Feb 9
"Deep Down Under"
My mind has gone crazy
My eyes have started to wildly wonder
I can feel something deep down under

I feel the wind in my heart blowing like a summer storm for love
I feel my brain churning, hoping i can be good enough
I can feel something deep down under

Never before have i been great
But i still do more than it takes
Never backing down, just always raising the stakes

I feel alone inside like the origin of the night
Everyone hates so i sometimes cry
but i always say im alright
Im running out of time but my smile says im fine
My mind is slowly killing me even though i have already tried 3 times
I can still feel something deep down under

As i search for it so deep, the feeling gets stronger
It is unexplainable but i know it will never slumber
My body is trembling and the fire in my heart is slowly kindling and getting colder
I can see what is deep down under

It is a monster, it hurts, it is the center of solitude
I know what it is and kindness is its camouflage
A smile is given so others will not see and the people with this are the one's that give the most but are in the most need

Depression is what it is, but there is so much more to what that word actually means
But i will not be afraid for i will be me
I am always fighting what is deep down under.
I hope you enjoy, thank you for reading please follow because there are more to come. Have an amazing day - Talor Fulfer ( watching-rain )

— The End —