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Firdausy S Jun 2015
i slowly began to realize
i didn't mean anything to you
when you left me
i regretted everything i did
i let you see parts of myself
that i hated to be
i gave you my heart right out of my chest
but i was stupid
because i thought you were going to save me
because you were all i had
instead you used me
you stepped all over me
and left me broken on my bedroom floor
and if you can hear me cry in this poem
turn a deaf ear to me
because this is the part where my heart
will freeze and harden
i hope you stay up one night
and contemplate all the
agony and affliction you put me through
because sooner than later
you are going to miss me
and come running back
but it would be too late
because i'm already gone
Firdausy S Jun 2015
Why do we think
love will fix us
and make us whole

When in the end
it just leaves us
more broken than before
Firdausy S Jun 2015
you could push me
off a cliff
and i would hit the ground
for standing so close
to the edge
Firdausy S Jun 2015
and if you don't
like me, as I do you;
I understand.

because who would
really choose
a daisy, in a field
of roses?
Firdausy S Jun 2015
I think we need to stop
thinking that one day
they are going to comeback
and give us the apology
we deserve
because life is not a movie
and sometimes there is
no closure with endings
so we need to hop over
that bridge and let it go
**let it go and move on for
life is not always a fairytale
Firdausy S Jun 2015
He wants to say I love you
but keeps it to goodnight
because love will mean some falling
and she's afraid of heights
Firdausy S Jun 2015
I am trying
I am trying
I am trying so hard

And my mind is
telling me to try harder

And my heart is telling me to let it go

And somewhere along the way
I got lost trying to decide
which one to follow
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