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Kumar Nov 2020
with love comes pain
peaks of happiness
valleys of misery
droplets of rain
a breath stolen
deep within the chest
never to be returned
not even after death
lay at rest
calmed by thoughts
alarmed by what it brought
Kumar Oct 2020
Never wanting anyone to feel what he feels
A troubled soul keeps the general smiling, laughing and amused
Away from what’s real
Keeping them away from his own fears
The souls he keeps happy not knowing
He only enjoys the rain so no one can see his tears
Kumar Apr 2019
you entice me with white gold and colored stones
i know you for you
i know you to your bones
a death wish you have might come true
if you don't stop what you do
i can complain
what doesn't **** you
doesn't make you stronger
yet you won't listen
i’ll just have to try harder
while you go drown yourself
by bronze river that glistens
what you given on demand
is what has been taken
how you live
i don't understand
why be that ****** up, man
you think you do, but is it true?
Kumar Apr 2019
On the ******* express
Knowing its Bound to crash
But all i care about
Is the smell of the gas
Of pure white snow
Heavenly shimmering
In the moonlights glow
Going through tunnels
The darkness shows
This pure white snow
Is darker than expected
But yet i have to test it
Knowing the train will crash
The faster it goes
The shorter it lasts
inspired by a poem read to me by an inspiration
Kumar Apr 2019
Societal bounds
Keeping humans like hounds
Rotting away in a prison
They don't know is around
Kumar Apr 2019
Endless bounds of joy
Accompanied by chains of sorrow
For this bond i make with you
Will cost me tomorrow
You may take me any day
Like the wind, just gone away
For you make me happy
For you take away the pain
Only temporarily
Do i ever feel sane
You make sunny days turn to rain
Yet i turn to you
Looking for answers
Inside of a brew
Kumar Apr 2019
Corrupting the innocent
Yet leading them to freedom
Preventing them from harm
yet they still call me evil
escape from this prison
Which they call sobriety
Into another
of different of society
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