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Dear Ex, This time I haven't forget the day.Happy birthday.
I will excuse your name from the dictionary just to make it my own word.
And I will gave you a small town with cacophony of traffic.
I already sent the weather forecast
with humidity, barren clouds And
an umbrella with broken ears.
The distance between our heart is 4 megabytes per second only.
With the naked eye everyone will say
we live side by side ,under the same roof, look our reflections into the same mirror,microwave the same food from the refrigerator, even the same mosquito bites us.
If you know the speed limit of the internet of that house,It doesn't take a yardstick to measure the distance between two people.
Sometimes they look at each other
But only feel the internet is gone.
They built a market by filling up the  pond where lotus flowers floated and smiled.
There is a market twice a week now.
Forty taka per pair of lotus is sold at that market with added vat.
Now I see the trading from a distance with pocket hidden inside my heart.
I wrote it in my native language that is Bengali, don't know whether it conveys the essence and wanted to feel.
The colour of the  sky
The smell of the see
I Love your Smile  

The winter
The raindrops
The cold  
You are my favourite season
Short poem
I welcome your heavenly indifference  with the the howls of fireworks across the sky,
with the reflection of monasticism on floating ice cubes of a wine glass.
As new moon contains all the colors,
So,This is a letter to New Year,
with last year's address on the postcard
Rashed Kingshuk Dec 2020
Your hair takes bath in the new moon,
became pitch black and more serious.
at the traffic signal of your parted hair
fireflies gather
Rashed Kingshuk Dec 2020
My foggy sigh,
I'm waiting for my destruction
with all the darkness you gave.
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