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Feb 6 · 80
FOD Feb 6
If you close your eyes and listen, you'll hear melodies ,I swear
they sing so you don't ever have to, they sing so you wont be alone
I remember that December, how the ice clung to your shoes
and when you looked at me and smiled I felt a sadness in the air.

We were not made for this.
We are not capable of heartache
but we still hear those songs
and we still somehow carry on.
Dec 2019 · 88
Carol of the bells
FOD Dec 2019
Christmas has never felt so ******* lonely
Dec 2019 · 61
You have no idea
FOD Dec 2019
You have no idea how many deep crimson moats I carved into my flesh today.

You have no idea how close I came to doing what I have been so scared of today

You have no idea what I have been telling myself day in and day out for months

You have no idea how bad it really is.
it’s not your fault
Dec 2019 · 150
FOD Dec 2019
Even when i'm harmless,
you treat me like a gun.
Dec 2019 · 65
Eye H8 E-N
FOD Dec 2019
As soon as you hung up I started to cry.
I needed to talk to you but I could never keep you up.
so I sat in my room alone.
And I cried as the cold cut my skin.

And it felt normal.

And I deserved it.
FOD Dec 2019
I take you like a drug,
Like a needle to a vein,
I let you swim inside my soul,
I let you rush into my brain.
I lock your name inside my ribs,
Like keeping love inside a box,
I stitch your words into my skin,
I live for you at any cost.

And I know I’m a bleeding heartache,
And I know I’m blind and lost
But with your body right beside me
I love for you at any cost.
i love you so much
Dec 2019 · 540
The optimist's depression
FOD Dec 2019
I'm not sad, I'm just a little less alive
Nov 2019 · 73
Nov 2019 · 68
I dare you
FOD Nov 2019
Go ahead.

Write a poem about it.

We both know I was wrong.
Nov 2019 · 58
I can still hear it.
FOD Nov 2019
"please don't laugh at me when we talk."


She laughed anyways.

"It makes me feel like you don't care"

"I'm sorry"

She laughed anyways

"I have told you this thousands of times"

"I know. I'll stop"

and she kept on laughing.
Nov 2019 · 372
Yell Yell Yell
FOD Nov 2019
Nothing will ever get solved if you TALK LIKE THIS
FOD Nov 2019
You speak impetuously
Daggers form on your tongue
They cut me open and leave me shaking.

I have my thoughts
You give them truth
I can taste your feelings in your kiss
Nov 2019 · 51
FOD Nov 2019
I felt alone all day to day.
I felt all alone when the sun went to sleep.
I felt all alone when nobody wanted to notice.
I feel all alone more than ever right now.
i felt like this when i woke up. not your fault.
Nov 2019 · 183
10 minutes
FOD Nov 2019
It’s all i want.

But i’m not worth what i want.
FOD Nov 2019
Your power complex just makes you look like you beat your wife.
You're not cool.
I bet you feel big for making her cry.
I bet you go home and drink.
I bet you are pro guns.
I bet you voted for trump.
You are a *******.
Next time you get in her face you better be prepared to meet me when you're off duty.
*******, I wont do what you tell me.
go to hell. I hope your dog eats you.
FOD Nov 2019
The only difference is that she means nothing to me,
but he means everything to you.
Nov 2019 · 52
"words you drench her in"
FOD Nov 2019
I call her ****.
I call her *****.
I say I hate her.
I say she is deceptive.
I say she is a liar.
I have never said that about you.

So before you get all hot headed (like you do) and go off to write an excuse of a poem about it, get your facts straight. Maybe then I'll want to read it.
Also, please stop copying my style. it looks immature on you. titling my poems with the quotes of others is my thing. make up your own thing for once. I wrote this because i love you. i really do. she is nothing to me. you are everything. don't let it bug you.
Oct 2019 · 151
Don't leave just yet.
FOD Oct 2019
Funny how he is the one you tell me not to worry about...
Oct 2019 · 166
Please Picture it with me
FOD Oct 2019
I have pictured our apartment far too many times to ever say "we're done".
Oct 2019 · 34
March 15th
FOD Oct 2019
Hands should hold hands,
not the other person's throat.
We can do this.
I love you
Oct 2019 · 52
Those indiscreet tears.
FOD Oct 2019
I'm still holding, you're still pushing,
poems drowning me in pain,
you speak your problems in soliloquy,
but shatter silence in written phrase.
You told me, wounded and through tears,
that there was nothing I could do,
though I applaud at your careless dancing,
I'm an audience when you're blue.
And you have me on my knees,
when the tattered curtain falls,
how I wish to be beside you,
when the bitter sadness calls.
And I'm broken when you've spoken,
your kind words through white teeth,
as your poems start to unravel,
all the pain that lies beneath.
You probably wont get this, but its about you. I love you. you're irrational for ever doubting it, I.LOVE.YOU.
FOD Oct 2019
I miss your words.
They would make me feel loved.
I liked being the thought,
that you put into art.
Sep 2019 · 50
hospital for heroes
FOD Sep 2019
You haven’t written in forever.
I miss it.
a lot.
And if you look back through your old poems, you see that they’re all blue.

Did I make you stop?
Sep 2019 · 48
FOD Sep 2019
Fluorescent lights make the thoughts in my head look so jumbled on paper. I’m trying to clear my mind but it’s going faster than a bullet. There was red, and your face, and i thought that I scared you, like there was some hidden part of me that caused you to look at me differently. Then there was rage and open flesh and the tears of a mother, and that was the moment where I was at my lowest. Ever. Then there was street lights and oceans and pretending i’m fine, while knowing the outcome was far from good. Then there was green, and fear, and the shaking of my hands. If only my bandages could heal my heavy heart.
jumbled, but how i felt.
Sep 2019 · 165
The Poetic Punk
FOD Sep 2019
I said,
"There's more heart within this basement than within these hollow politicians,
whether it be a lot or a little, I know my songs can still make a difference,
we have the microphones and speakers, and there's distortion on our guitars,
My songs will make a difference. My songs will heal your scars."

And I've never heard truth ring so loud in my life,
these words pierced ears like the point of a knife.
I've been so lost in my rhetoric, so hesitant in my will,
now, my band is my weapon and my ammo is my skill.
Sep 2019 · 63
You don’t write anymore
FOD Sep 2019
You don’t write anymore.
I guess that’s okay.
but you used to write little poems that painted your love for me.
So now I sit and wonder,
Is that little part of us gone?
Should I stop writing too?
Or do I keep holding on?
I know i’ll still write you poems
Sep 2019 · 126
People Change
FOD Sep 2019
I don't sever ties, I just loosen the ropes
It's a small price to pay for never giving up hope
I don't burn brides, I just close them off
because maybe one day I'll miss you too much
Sep 2019 · 337
FOD Sep 2019
I feel like the itching beneath your skin.
I'm hated by you.
You're annoyed by me,
But you can't seem to get rid of me.
Sep 2019 · 33
My wild flower
FOD Sep 2019
There's a girl who smiles all the time,
who  fits perfectly in my arms,
and takes away all of my sadness.
She cares for all of my wounds,
and she holds me when I cry,
and I know it sounds weird,
but I love what we have.
I love when I’m shaking and she tells me that it’s okay,
I love when I’m broken and she holds me until I’m whole
I love when her presence lightens up my entire day.
I know that I’m sad, but she can fix it any day.
She is the melody of a love song that is stuck in my head.
She is the place I go to hide when I’m lost and scared.
She is a daisy in a field that is waiting to be picked.

I’ll pick you, my wild flower,
and I’ll wear you behind my ear,
So you can whisper those three words when it’s what I need to hear.
FOD Sep 2019
I know you can't help it,
If you could change, you would.
But I swear to god bells,
You look like a ******* angel.
Sep 2019 · 325
FOD Sep 2019
"I just act like this"


you don't act like this normally.
certainly not around other people.
So don't lie when I ask whats wrong.
tear me in half.
Sep 2019 · 138
Nothing left to talk about.
FOD Sep 2019
I have to pry to get you to even remotely enter a conversation.
You don't answer my questions.
They're not rhetorical.
I do it to connect.
It feels as if you have given up.
And the worst part is you not telling me.
I'm lost, and you're quiet.
I'm hurt, and it's fine.
I'm drowning, and it's sunny.
I'm depressed, but were fine.
And you wonder why i'm sad.
Sep 2019 · 55
FOD Sep 2019
Right now,
in this moment,
I'm next to you,
and you're worlds away.
I feel so ******* lonely. I'm so ******* sad. I feel pushed away. but it's fine. because you say so.
Sep 2019 · 48
Close to better off.
FOD Sep 2019
Dodging questions like bullets
Leaving silence after sorry
We're going around in circles
Your unspoken hatred haunts me

I do my best to ignore it
I know it's all in my head
I'm painting you pretty pictures,
And I'm drenching them In red.

There's no hope in your voice anymore,
There's no point in running from failure,
Whats the point in fighting back,
When we both know were lost.

Where would we be If I wasn't a mess?
I'm sure it's close to better off.
Where would you be if I never ****** up?
I'm sure it's close to happy.
Don't take this to heart. this is just me arguing with my bad thoughts. i wrote this song to show that I know its all in my head. that its all just depression talking and that there is still so much left.
Aug 2019 · 61
FOD Aug 2019
Go to hell.
You can be two faced there.
My skin is made of paper and your words are open flames.
And don't you dare tell me you love me with the same tongue that burns me.
yeah. ive felt this for a while. I drafted this months ago but I held my tongue. nothing has changed. youre a *****. to the girl i love, to the friends i love, and to me. You dug yourself into this hole, and im not getting you out this time.
FOD Aug 2019
I'm depressed.

You Depress me...
I let you Depress me...
I let Depression get between us...

I'm Depressed.
FOD Aug 2019
Calling me a hypocrite is very hypocritical of you.
Aug 2019 · 43
5 hits to the head
FOD Aug 2019
I’m getting therapy
Aug 2019 · 53
"I love you" sounds good
FOD Aug 2019
"I love you" sounds good when I'm listening to your sweet and stuttered -  breaths.
Kissing the spots on your neck that make you start to smile.
Holding your head to my chest and thinking "You're all I need",
But never muttering the words out loud.
Because you already know.
My delicate fingers trace the invisible lines that run along your soft skin,
like highways beneath my over-sized tee shirt that I let you wear.
The words from the lips that will tease me with a kiss,
"I love you" sounds good when were alone.

"I love you" sounds good when You're sitting across the table,
Staring back into my eyes after laughing at a ****** joke
Ill take a sip of my coffee and hold your hand on top of the table
And well talk forever about each others lives.
We revisit old memories while making beautiful new ones
And Ill struggle to listen because I'm too busy thinking,
How good you look now under these tacky diner lights
"I love you sounds" good on a date night

"I love you" sounds good when I'm feeling broken,
and my eyes start to water and my hands start to shake.
I tell you how its my fault, how I'm just another mess,
and you hold me in your arms and keep me from drowning.
I've had a rough day,
and I need to break down,
And then I see you smile,
And everything is fine.
"I love you" sounds good when you're on my side.
I love you too.
Aug 2019 · 182
I wrote you a long letter
FOD Aug 2019
The truth is that deep down I knew I didn’t deserve to see you.
I didn’t deserve a resolution.
Aug 2019 · 65
D r o w n
FOD Aug 2019
Her strength is in her patience and she shows it in a smile, while she sits across from me in my room while i’m sobbing.
She holds me trying to calm me as she tells me how it’s okay.

She dances on the line of me breaking and me broken.
Aug 2019 · 67
Midnight thoughts
FOD Aug 2019
I think it’s beautiful how you’re so perfect for me.
FOD Aug 2019
I’m already late.
It’s already set.
so just live in the moment.
And hug me a little longer.
FOD Aug 2019
You say it’s to help me.
To keep me in check.
You haven’t seen the patterns Ive dug in.
My wall has kissed my fist millions of times, my door is slammed shut because of you.
You say it’s to help me.
To keep me in check.
I’m crying and shaking in bed alone.
Aug 2019 · 56
FOD Aug 2019
If looks could ****, you took my life, you made my heart beat race.
If looks could ****, you took my life, you have such a pretty face.
you are so ******* pretty.
FOD Aug 2019
Perfect pitch hurts like a *****.
FOD Aug 2019
The happiness of others depresses me,
because I'm so ****** up in the head,
when you put roses on my gravestone,
Just make sure the roses are dead.
im depressed.
Aug 2019 · 280
FOD Aug 2019
You make everything better.
Aug 2019 · 58
FOD Aug 2019
We’re more than them,
at least  I thought.
I didn’t know you felt that way.
As if all I want is your touch.
Do you not know that you are so much more than that?
You’ve changed your name,
You’re writing fears,
You’re unsure of our bond.
If it makes you feel better, I really do think we have something that goes beyond kisses.
I really do think we are better than the fights.
I’m sorry you don’t feel the same way.
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