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Sep 2019
There's a girl who smiles all the time,
who  fits perfectly in my arms,
and takes away all of my sadness.
She cares for all of my wounds,
and she holds me when I cry,
and I know it sounds weird,
but I love what we have.
I love when I’m shaking and she tells me that it’s okay,
I love when I’m broken and she holds me until I’m whole
I love when her presence lightens up my entire day.
I know that I’m sad, but she can fix it any day.
She is the melody of a love song that is stuck in my head.
She is the place I go to hide when I’m lost and scared.
She is a daisy in a field that is waiting to be picked.

I’ll pick you, my wild flower,
and I’ll wear you behind my ear,
So you can whisper those three words when it’s what I need to hear.
Written by
   DivineDao and Jules
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