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Aug 2019
"I love you" sounds good when I'm listening to your sweet and stuttered -Β Β breaths.
Kissing the spots on your neck that make you start to smile.
Holding your head to my chest and thinking "You're all I need",
But never muttering the words out loud.
Because you already know.
My delicate fingers trace the invisible lines that run along your soft skin,
like highways beneath my over-sized tee shirt that I let you wear.
The words from the lips that will tease me with a kiss,
"I love you" sounds good when were alone.

"I love you" sounds good when You're sitting across the table,
Staring back into my eyes after laughing at a ****** joke
Ill take a sip of my coffee and hold your hand on top of the table
And well talk forever about each others lives.
We revisit old memories while making beautiful new ones
And Ill struggle to listen because I'm too busy thinking,
How good you look now under these tacky diner lights
"I love you sounds" good on a date night

"I love you" sounds good when I'm feeling broken,
and my eyes start to water and my hands start to shake.
I tell you how its my fault, how I'm just another mess,
and you hold me in your arms and keep me from drowning.
I've had a rough day,
and I need to break down,
And then I see you smile,
And everything is fine.
"I love you" sounds good when you're on my side.
I love you too.
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