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Sep 2019
Dodging questions like bullets
Leaving silence after sorry
We're going around in circles
Your unspoken hatred haunts me

I do my best to ignore it
I know it's all in my head
I'm painting you pretty pictures,
And I'm drenching them In red.

There's no hope in your voice anymore,
There's no point in running from failure,
Whats the point in fighting back,
When we both know were lost.

Where would we be If I wasn't a mess?
I'm sure it's close to better off.
Where would you be if I never ****** up?
I'm sure it's close to happy.
Don't take this to heart. this is just me arguing with my bad thoughts. i wrote this song to show that I know its all in my head. that its all just depression talking and that there is still so much left.
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