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Lynn Jul 12
I could coat it with pretty words
But angers best expressed raw
I’m tired of hiding thoughts
Painting with grammar and lies
Beautifying pain.
I can’t coat it with sugar
For sugar makes it worst
Body image lowers
Standards that aren’t met
Mentally I’m stable
Emotionally ****,
Literally ****** by not
Even knowing emotions.
Depression hides it’s shadow
Casting it as humor
But I know better since
He runs with my Lucifer.
Days and night restless
What else could it be
Dear god help me
let me lie to sleep
depression ***** stop pretending to be okay... it's okay to be sad, but allow yourself to feel other things too.
Lynn Jul 2
Have you ever given yourself?
With full heart, exposed.
Have you ever felt love?
Deep inside with no regrets.
Have you ever felt lost?
Your efforts all in vain.
Have you ever shut down?
Feeling nothing but pain.
In the end with no remains.
All things stay the same.
Will you ever play that game?
Is your feeling worth the wait.
Lynn Jun 6
Where is this beautiful love.
Hard work gets you pain.
Efforts brings restraint.
Tears dry your eyes
And your tries have no hide.
Where is this love.
Where flowers bloom pink
Streams of blue
Skies of yellow.
Fields of new.
Where is this love.
That shows belonging.
Where hearts don’t fail.
And feelings won’t end.
Lynn Feb 3
Screams can’t reach you
A place so hidden.
Clocked by last chances
Turned off by fate.
Love cannot touch you
A pleasure so tactile,
Closely ecstatic
A torment to beguiled.
Imprisoned my soul
Under clouds of Pretensions.
I seen the truth
Long before you knew.
Yet my dreams won’t sit
Till it’s all renewed.
I see your thought
And read all your lines.
One thing remains
Is hope in your disguise.
In love I failed
And wish you only best
Yet my soul is tied
Imprisoned to no rest.
Lynn Feb 3
You are my heart
I need you to beat.
You are my heart
I need you to live.
A pump without fail
A flower absolute.
Autumn, fall and winter
May wither you branches.
But I will never cease
watering your soil.
I’ll keep you alive
Till the last leaf falls.
Then I’ll dig in your dirt
To grow you once more.
I’ll keep you inside
warm In somnolence.
Till your sprout knows “nowhere”
But this spaces warmth.
You are my heart
And beating you will
Until when I part
I won’t leave this feel.
Lynn Dec 2019
To feel emotions
One must learn to feel all thoughts
Only then its true.
you must learn to decifer mental struggles before labeling it with and emotion
Lynn Nov 2019
An emotion of emotion
The ability to feel emotions
The control of thought
and master of habits
The start of attachment
And ending of will
The idea of caving
And the distortion of lonely
Cause us all to call it love
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