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Spell of Love Nov 2018

I am missing moment of you,
Bcz m missing in you

The way you touch
The way you smile
Tha way you gaze
The way you love

I missed all moments
I am missing myself in you

My lower lips awaited to bite
My nose waiting for your smell
My eyes waiting since long to see
My heart bumps to beat again

It's you
Always you

Who is my final destination
Where I find satisfaction

The way pamper
The way you lock toe
The way you lock lip
The way you poke my bump

I always loved that moment
Thats why

You are my best decision
It's true that

We are not perfect
We are totally opposite
But still
There is something
A hidden bond of red line

A real love
A true love
Which never allows us to give up

We both are minus in nature
But math of out life makes us plus together

Today m missing your frustration
Your scrolled
Your touch
Your tease
Your breath
And you

May be you too miss some day the same

Because we are separate by situations
But bonded by heart

And m happy that
M no more reason of
Your cry
Your abuse
Your rage
Your hurt

I always thank you
For been part of my life
You are reason of my smile.

I love you
For My Love...
Missing Her...
Always be Happy Dracula...

— The End —