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Eric daw Dec 2018
i used to hear voices
they told me to make bad choices
they told me i wasn't any good
they told me id never be understood
i let them control me
but there was a spark i couldn't see
someone who believed i was strong
someone who made me feel like i belong
someone to show me love
someone to bring me above
all the pain
just before i went insane
she came just before
i went up in blood an gore
how she change me i'm not really sure...
Eric daw Nov 2018
i know i'm human but what am i on the inside
i'm a boy who has lied
a boy who has been through pain
a boy who used to think there was nothing in life to gain
a boy who who has problem
a boy who has fallen in a hole an lay at the bottom
feeling hopeless
an all he can focus
on is what people think asking himself
"what am i doing""is this good enough"
wishing he was dead
but instead
he cuts an sees red
"one day it will all be over"
I am a boy i am awake my nightmares are gone
this is bout a boy who dreams he is alone hurting on the inside wishing he was dead thinking about what people think of him then he wakes up his night mares r gone but theres still all of everything in his dream its in his heaad following him everywhere school home out on the town everywhere this boy is....ME
Eric daw Dec 2018
Fire and Ice
By Robert Frost
Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.
Eric daw Dec 2018
.                  .
        My heart      is full                            
         an happy this might sound                             c
        sappy but I've found a good girl                      h      
          she makes me happy its been                       e        
    along time since I've had                         y
               something to look             l     y       e          
              forward to                      o         n
                 love is                     u    v    n
                                                     ­    e
dedicate to cheyenne my girl been with her for going on 5 months this 11th
Eric daw Feb 2019
Be Regimented with Meals Prior to Lighting Up. ...
Keep Yourself Busy. ...
Get the Taste Out of Your Mouth. ...
Try a Different Strain. ...
Rid Yourself of Temptation… ...
…And Prepare for Inevitable Snacking. ...
Exercise Beforehand to Make Up for Vegging. ...
Use the Munchies to Your Advantage.
Eric daw Dec 2018
Idk anymore
my mind is sore
to much in my head
makes me wish i was dead
thoughts r getting loud
i just wanna get lost an never be found
my minds spinning round
staying high
high above the sky
it keeps my mind clear
makes me feel like i have nothing to fear
my thoughts r rotting my brains core
i just dont know ANYMORE
Eric daw Feb 2019
My mother , my friends so dear
throughout my life your near
a tender smile to guide my way
your the sunshine to light my day
yes it is short..
Eric daw Jan 2019
spent a long time wondering what ive did wrong
wondering if i really belong
but i realized if u keep worrying ur problems will only get bigger like king kong
ive told myself im gonna change before nut its finally time
ive been falling its time to climb
back to a good spot
back to a spot where i didnt have alot
but i had enough happiness to make it through my day
if god will help me i shall pray
Eric daw Jul 2018
Layin in bed
Thoughts rushin through my head
Trying to make this ryhme
I dont care about the times
That ive done wrong
Trying to make a new start its been so long
I thought i could fit in where i dont belong
But now i know i go to get with the flow
I gotta start doing right
Yea i gotta take flight
Head toward the sky
Tell my old ways bye
I need to go to school
Cuz what i did before really wasnt cool
I cant fail
or else ill wind up in jail
Layin in bed thoughts rushin throygh my head
I finnaly understand
the task at hand
Ima find something good to do with my time maybe ill write another rhyme
While layin in bed
Eric daw Nov 2018
my old true friend
she will be my friend till the end
yea we've had a weird friendship
one heck of a relationship for sure we had our ups an downs
our smiles our frowns
but what matters
is yes we have our shatters
but we r friends
an friendship mends the mind
an its hard to find
thank u lizz
my old true friend
we have a long story but we r friends an thats what matters
Eric daw Jul 2018
Pain pain pain
I think im goung insane
Its getting hard to maintain
How i feel
If i could take the pill
To go back in time
Id change alot of stuff
Id make my life not so tuff
Some times i cry
An i dont know why
All this pain in my head
Im just glad im not dead
Cuz who would care
For my girl with the grape hair
Shes the one i love
My beautiful white dove
But still i cause her pain
If i could id be there for every tear drop
My love for her will never stop
She is the reason in my lufe that i care
My girl with the grape hair
Well idk if the title fits it but aye i tryed
Eric daw Nov 2018
i used to see life like it was after me
but what i didnt see
was people care
but life aint always fair
so ive learned to deal with my time i have to spare
i know ive done bad things
i also have my cuts an dings
but with gods help
he knows how i felt
he knows how to keep me on the right path an to him i should dedicate my life to him till death life used to be different in my eyes
now i realize things r only as bad as u make
its time for me to wake
for my sake i need to change
lifes not a game
u dont need fame
no ones the same
im living the same life with a different sight
some of this is me some of it i just felt like writing but its nt speacial
Eric daw Jul 2018
I hate when i do something an idk what i did i always find a way to mess something up idk what to do ig ive ulset her again an idk what to do im really tired of messing up the good in life
Ive had hard times idk what 2 do
Eric daw Jul 2018
A secret society
Like no other
Forms at night
No matter what kind
Of weather

We worship
And cherish
The greatest lost works
That no one seems
To care about anymore

Nights are full
Of mysteries
While days bring
Moments filled
With brilliance

A glimmer
A shimmer
Of something new
To add to this society
For generations the future only knows

We are dead poets
Only dead in one way
Nobody knows who we are
And we plan
To keep it that way
Eric daw Nov 2018
im getting so tired
my brain seems to be coming unwired
sometimes i tell myself ill sleep when im dead
but i wish i could lay in bed
an drift off to sleep
but the thoughts creep
through my head
they are about the things i use to dread
relationships from the past
when i use to cut
an everything but
the happy thoughts
the times my parents fought an more
my head is sore
from the strain
the pain
of no sleep
not even a peep
i miss sleep :(
Eric daw Nov 2018
I used to think I could smoke away the pain
Thought my thoughts I could maintain
But then I started to lose my mind
Started to fall behind
I learned that to move on u must try an accept
I learned to path I must take an on that path I stepped
i no longer smoke to keep away the pain
I'm learning to maintain
A purpose I'm starting to gain
I'm finally heading down the right lane
Eric daw Nov 2018
they wonder whats wrong
is it really not obvious should i sing u a song
the song id sing would be nice an long
it would tell u about why my life is bad
tell u about how everyone in my house is always mad
to many thoughts i n my head that keep me sad
i sometimes wish i could die
just tell the world good bye
the only reason i must stay
is because my girl doesn't want me away
my life is trashed no time to play
why does life have to be hard
Eric daw Dec 2018
My thoughts are out of control
Its getting darker in my soul
Fading away is my life goal
Friends fake like a troll
starting to ease my mind with my packed bow
life is back to the same
i keep restarting how i feel like my life a game
my life's lame
an  i don't care if i have no fame
i need to catch up with my life an tame
it my life's starting to drain my life's UNCONTROLLABLE
i feel like im on a seesaw it ghanges back an forth how i feel
Eric daw Feb 2019
where the fools are lying
and the meek are crying
where the wolves are preying
on the weak alone

where the sons are dying
hear their mothers crying
and the distant sound of fire begins again

— The End —