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Onits Zuku Sep 2018
Sunlight warmed my face,
Wind gently brushed the leaves of the wattle that sat in my garden,
The light danced on the smoky black coffee,
A light that glinted and stung my eyes so,
I went back inside.
Onits Zuku Sep 2018
"Look man"
I began to explain
"You cant just ask her if she likes you,
You gotta develop a kinda connection, y'know?'
He looked blankly at me
Turned around
And strutted towards her.
The blow didn't come easy
He thought he had it in the bag
He was very much not in the bag
"What'd i say man?"
I tapped at my forehead
"Its all about the connection."
Onits Zuku Jul 2018
Is a regret a lesson?
If so I learnt how to ruin a love,
If not,
I guess I’m just sad.
When your lips touched,
And my friends looked at me with confused laughter,
I knew i had done wrong,
And yet I continue,
Perhaps there is no chest at the end of the rainbow,
But i still walked on the colours of the universe.
Onits Zuku Jun 2018
I hate when some love,
For the thought of happiness,
The smile in their eyes,
Joy in their heart,
Brings a lump in my throat,
Love is no felony!
I scream at myself,
I look into the mirror,
And looking back at me,
Is the green eyes of jealousy.
Self realization
Onits Zuku May 2018
Welcome to life,
I invite you to stay,
Please before you accept,
Read the fine print.

It seems you are doing well,
You have made name for your self,
And some friends on the side,
Prepare for the best for the best will surely come.

I like what you have done with your hair,
I see love has made a mark,
Whats this on your wrists?
There must have been something you missed!

Living alone I see,
Where are the friends you are supposed to have?
Rope in you hand,
In your pocket only lint,

You my friend must not have read the fine print.
A bit clunky the rythms wierd. Doesn’t rhyme!
Onits Zuku Apr 2018
Sitting on the grass,
In the local park,
Watching a bird,
As it glided to land onto the water,
The water caught the bird with love,
And it went along,
Watching a couple argue about a text he sent to a girl a week ago and how it disrupted her thoughts on him as a respected member of society,
Only wishing they had seen the bird too.
  Mar 2018 Onits Zuku
Aidan A
It feels more times than not
My character is misconceived
Wherein my affinity for emotion is
Either ill received, or begs condescension
Such vindictive decrees for
Souls just as flawed as me
The difference is
Mine are the only flaws that I can see.

Void of emotion?
I prefer to think that I can
Differentiate between
A fleeting feel
And what is real -
What of the lack of social devotion?
I am only at my best
Around those who create from the heart
I discard the rest, because
I am the company I keep,
And I've kept from the start.

Over the top flattery?
I beg to differ.
You mistake the way I speak and the things I do
For my romantic battery
The thought of which makes me quiver -
It says a little something about you, too.
You fail to see
That I can so naturally
Draw emotion from the smallest of things
Do you think it is through arrogance that I sing?
A highly internalized being, who only creates things
To feed an insatiable egotistical craving?
Clearly the life that you lead
Is just lacking fantasy, or a sense of meaning...

I have met people who are metaphorical gateways,
No, actual ley lines of human creativity.
I wonder if their work would
Make you question your brand
Of Humanity.
I am a bit mad.
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