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Emily C Mar 2018
Beep Beep
The alarm blinks 5:00 am
Have to wake up early to fix your makeup
You turn on the straighten iron
While you wait for it to heat up
You apply loads of makeup
Then you put on your most trendy outfit
Just a little revealing but not too much
You go to school and you take a math test
Wow you got an A
You go to lunch
But you don't eat
You flirt with every boy you come by
You go home
You take off all the make up
You stare at the girl in the mirror
You don't recognize her
This continues
Emily C Mar 2018
I don't love you
You promised to love
To never hurt me
But that is exactly what you did
I don't love you
But really I would be lying if I said that
I love you
I gave one chance
Than another
Until you left me empty
Broken heart
Crying eyes
I love you
I don't know where this came from but I hope you like it
Emily C Mar 2018
I am happy!
But then a little voice comes along
Today is such a
But I'm happy
Ew do you have acne
But I'm hap
Gross your thighs touch
But I'm ha
She didn't shave!
But I'm
Your clothes are so cheap
Do you have an overbite?
Wait. Where did you go?
I'm not good enough.
Then another little voice comes along.
Yes you are
I'm not good
Wow I love your hair
I'm not goo
You a perfect smile
I'm not
I love your shirt
I'm not
Yes you are. We all are good enough.
I'm good enough and happy.
Take that society
We all are amazing human beings

— The End —