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 Feb 12 Whisper Yes
you already know my words before i speak.
you already know my heart feels weak without you.
you already know me.
just by looking me in the eye.
and it’s beautiful
When you are in the dark
It is easy to forget
What it was like
When you were in the light
4th Feb 2021
Almost famous
Lovely faces
Face it
Leather and laces
Hearts and aces
Mirror replacements

Fast cars
Stuffed with tough love
Scars, stars
Young tics and tacks
Tasks and jumping jacks
Waving hands
Basking in summer sands
Where we drew our plans
Wanted to tell our moms and dads
But they washed away and they wouldn’t understand
Drastic actions
Rare reactions
Double down
Lap it up lap em
Keep them laughing

Sweating through the sequins
It’s all happening
Believe it
Leave it
 Nov 2020 Whisper Yes
I lick up the savory taste of my tears,
in their vigil,they camouflage my fears
and for awhile they leave me numb
until I fall asleep, hurt and undone.
And in the early morn, I shake off their residue and slowly
start to begin anew.
 Nov 2020 Whisper Yes
Once, I was untamed,
before I met you
a free spirit soaring,
despite feeling blue
How I long for the old me,
that charmer, that fox,
the one so carefree.
 Nov 2020 Whisper Yes
“Is anyone listening?” Cried my conscience
Teary-eyed and locked away at the back of my mind
Staring in horror,
At the disgraceful scene laid out before her
“No feelings, no right… no consent.” She screams
Clawing at the darkness,
Unable to speak through to me
“Is anyone listening?” It was my turn to cry
Teary-eyed, locking myself away in my mind
What causes more pain, regret or guilt?
 Nov 2020 Whisper Yes
Anger is a scary thing
Imagine being angry for year
Never knowing it was caused
from being insecure.

You were
easily enraged
Your daddy was drunk
Your mommy was late
an unfulfilled childhood
was your adolescence fate

Now that part of you
is still raw
And now you’re angry at us all!

But I still love you!
I wish I could’ve raised you with mine!
Traveler Tim

My two sons are very happy as adults!
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