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Anthony Pierre Aug 2021
Where do you stand?

For me,
it has never been
black and white

and I won't live
like a new moon
over an old world

your colourful face
Anthony Pierre Jul 2021
Let me live
for this is where I am
beneath my father's tree:
eternal and heavenly shade

Let me live
and I will gaze
across the vast ocean
of memories to you

You see
for you life plays
this sweet song

you must humble
you must listen
to the end
the silence

silence brings you
these tears for me
and sadness you feel
the death of my memory

Yet you know me
as I have lived

So let me live
in you
in your fondest memories

Let me live
as I have lived

Anthony J Pierre
July 16, 2021
Rest in peace eternally mother
Marjorie Alma Teresa Pierre
Anthony Pierre Jul 2021
What comes of love
after we taste
its earthly abundance

and we feel
how it shines
how it blooms
how it rains

  Jul 2021 Anthony Pierre
I never write anymore
But I call myself an artist
We never talk anymore
But all my thoughts are about you
And the poems too.
Anthony Pierre Jul 2021
when one looks  
to listen closely
it seems these books
of history
were never meant
to balance

Did you?

Consider the zulu sun
Remittances to Estcourt
Okun's Law
Offshore accounts
Karl Marx in KwaZulu-Natal
Systemic and Systematic Risks

and yet
the shrike bird sings
of monetary matters
Anthony Pierre Jul 2021
I knew you
needed this
sincere apology
to pull yourself

but you
had to be broken

so I could
keep myself
in one piece
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