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  Aug 2015 Tim Bentley
Vivian Elise
I feel as if I've lost something
The word is on the tip of my tongue
Sleepless nights staring at the clock
Wondering what could make my brain stop
Toss and turn until my alarm goes off
5am once again feeling like I can't get up
And face this Groundhog Day that I'm living
Where my heart feels half there and my eyes feel heavy
I try to mutter the words to my favorite song
But the lyrics just spill out wrong
What did I lose in that black desert hue
Sleepless nights still thinking of you
What did I lose in that psychiatric ward
A feeling of being needed that my insurance can't afford
So I toss and I turn and I lose all my sleep
I'll admit I've even prayed to god on my knees in defeat
Because we all know that I'm a practicing witch
But all the spells that I've cast just can't stall this
I'm feeling alert and I'm feeling mindless
As I swipe credit cards and remain lifeless
Because love is a battle; I swung and I missed
Give up the ghost and remain breathless
As I exhale clouds of smoke through my cigarettes
I'm reminded of where time has went
Pack after pack and I'm losing track
Of these past 6 years of addiction to the smoke
I choke
The words won't come out of my throat
And I choke

And I choke
The world spins along
As I try to aspirate my closed throat
Tim Bentley Aug 2015
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Tim Bentley Aug 2015
we just hit it off .... click
you get me like no other
we talk for
you are more lovely than love
you and me we..... click
but now you are no longer , and I sit here with this gun .....
  Aug 2015 Tim Bentley
I guess I won that stupid fight of "I love you more."
  Aug 2015 Tim Bentley
Karen Nicole
i miss
how you would tell a joke
and look at me as if
i'm the one who gets to decide
if its funny or not

i miss
how you would secretly
hold my hand in public
and act like nothing's going on

i miss
how you would do silly things
just because i'm not in a good mood
and you want to see me smile

i miss
how you would sing to me
and look at me straight in the eye
and make me feel like i'm the only person
inside the room

i miss
the times when,
we'll both stay up all night
and just talk to each other

i miss
everything we do together
and most importantly,
i miss you.
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