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Thepillar Mar 2019
Hold me.
Touch me.
Feel me.
Love me.
Embrace me from behind.
Put your leg over mine.
I'll tell you everything will be okay.
Pull me close.
Never let me go.
I long for you, my love.
There's nothing more that I need.
Just you next to me.
Show me affection, and be gentle.
Caress me softly, feel the scars and grooves in my flesh.
I'll hug you close, and tell you how amazing you are.
Put your forehead against mine, telling you how much you mean.
How special.
I'll kiss you passionately, those soft plush lips.
Starting off tender, moving up intensity.
Sliding my head down to your neck, marking you as mine.
Eventually switching for my turn, gazing into your eyes after we're done.
Wrapping my arm around you, head on my chest.
The fast but stabilizing heartbeat just from loving you.
Squeezing you oh so tight.
Holding your hand. For now and forever.
Thepillar Feb 2019
Light of my world,
Light of my day,
Anytime we speak;
I feel the pain go away.
Anytime I see your face,
It instantly brightens my day.
Your illuminated smile,
Makes me forget everything for a while.
Blinded by the light, time speeds up.
Yet it was worth every hour.
That passes like minutes.
For whenever I'm with you,
My face starts to hurt,
From the cheeky smile I make.
Anytime we speak,
My happiness reaches it's peak.
I'm so thankful,
For such a wonderful angel.
Thepillar Feb 2019
Amore mio, per te il mio cuore batterà sempre il vero.
Ogni momento che condividiamo è ultraterreno.
Sebbene non ufficiale.
Mi rendi felice.
Nonostante tutto.
Un giorno ci guarderemo indietro e rideremo.
Ma una cosa rimane vera.
Mi hai rubato il cuore.
E ti amo.
Thepillar Feb 2019
Dopo tutto quello che ** passato,
Non riesco a distogliere la mente da te.
Ogni giorno prego che tu guarisca
Ecco perché ** deciso di inviarti questa lettera.
Ma solo a parlarti,
Fammi sapere che i miei sentimenti sono veri.
Non ** cioccolato o rose,
E sono consapevole di ciò che questo impone,
Quale motivo mi sentivo appropriato per esporre questo.
** avuto la sensazione di dover chiedere a qualcuno che significa molto per me,
E questo, tu lo sei.
Ma tu hai catturato il mio cuore ancora una volta,
Per favore, non pensare mai che parlare con te sia un lavoro ingrato,
Perché quando sono con te non è mai annoiato.
Ma spero che non sia un crimine
Quindi oso chiedere:
Vuoi essere il mio Valentina?
  Feb 2019 Thepillar
Olivia McCann
I want a glass of bubbles
To warm my icy throat
And thaw my tongue,
Which always seems to be too frozen
To say anything right.
And I want to chase the fire down
With your kisses.
I want my heart to slow down,
Just a little,
Enough to keep in time with my
Lazy thoughts of you.

I want to hear your voice
Like a velvet dress,
Clinging to my body
In whispers of never letting go.
And I want to feel cold again
While you go out for a smoke.

And I just want to watch you
As you tug on those **** sticks,
Looking like a kind of mystery
I could ponder over for years.

I want to watch the smoke come off your lips,
I think I’m learning to like the smell
Of your smoky clothes.
And suddenly I’m as addicted to you,
As you are to them.
And I’m jealous
Because I want to be your addiction
And suddenly I’m like a cigarette
And that’s weird.
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