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curled up
safe in my nest of tears
I feel safe enough
to say
the impossible
You hold the best of me, and it fits  perfectly.
Sometimes it's only a few words.
Who can tell wild stories?

dragons fly and

stories of mist
curling over
still waters
of an icy pond

stories of time and space
unfolding before
golden eyes -
known by wiser
minds than mine

who can tell
the stories that
stuttering hearts
Obi-wan once told Anakin
'This weapon is your life.'

mine isn't nearly as powerful -
a tough blade,
black handle,
a silver glow

yet somehow the quote still applies.
It's the oddest things which give us courage and hope.
  Nov 2014 Aleria Imperatrix
We complain about cold fingers, itchy scarves, a long dark drive
Yet when my breath rises in puffs of grey air on a Monday
I'm reminded that I am alive
  Nov 2014 Aleria Imperatrix
you painted a beautiful sunset,
full of color and life,
and said it represented me.

you said i was art.

three months later,
you poured black over the canvas

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