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vxcancy Jan 2021
everything had stopped
even my tears
and the feelings were all gone
even my fear
when you told me you were leaving
and your eyes lit like gold
in that moment i knew
i had given you my soul
vxcancy Jan 2021
you are sun kissed
blooming with greatness

but this double perception of the spirit
weighs you down

the bottom of the deep, dark ocean
where your skin forgets the feeling of the sunlight
vxcancy Jan 2021
it was soft tidal waves
it was the grass browning
  it was the last leaf falling
   the last breath
    it was winter
     it was pure
      it was beautiful
       it was free

when i gave up on me

but when you gave up on me

my veins screamed
and my heart burst too

vxcancy Apr 2019
i see you in my dreams
kissing girls who are not me

vxcancy Jul 2015
long sleeves in the summer time
tell me what's on your mind

  Jun 2015 vxcancy
sarah bell
last year,
you fell in love with a boy
that only wanted your virginity
and you gave it to him on a silver platter
so you could remember what love feels like
but babygirl,
it's not love
if he only loves you for what's between your legs
it's not love
if the only thing he compliments you on
is the way your hips are formed
it's not love
if every time you said no
he ignored it

that boy is not your lungs
you can breathe without him,
i promise
he is not your atlas
never let someone
that doesn't care about the way
your continents took form
hold your world on their shoulders
*because when they crumble,
you will too
  May 2015 vxcancy
sarah bell
tell me you remember
the day you let me wear your jacket
tell me you remember
the day we drove to where the sun touches the earth
tell me you remember
the day you held my hand for the first time
tell me you remember
because i could never forget
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