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5.9k · Nov 2014
On Courage
Obi-wan once told Anakin
'This weapon is your life.'

mine isn't nearly as powerful -
a tough blade,
black handle,
a silver glow

yet somehow the quote still applies.
It's the oddest things which give us courage and hope.
5.1k · Sep 2014
Night Gamer
hand reaches under the pillow -
flick the switch, hear the whir
screen lights up

night passes swiftly as
jedi and sith battle in your hands
4.6k · Aug 2014
The Way of The Voice
A thousand steps cut into the mountain
stone buried in places
under ever-present snow

Dovahkiin walks -
purposeful strides to carry them through
fog and snow and fire,
turning not aside from their path
lest they hear laughter in
the thunder.

The Way of The Voice demands not loud mouths,
but strong speech.
Disclaimer: I do not own rights to any of Bethesda's products except my copy of Skyrim.
3.5k · Aug 2014
To Sovngarde
Softfoot moves behind her prey -
no sound.
He stands oblivious
gazing into the distance
between his soul and Sovngarde:
in short,
*closer than he thinks.
Disclaimer: I do not own rights to any of Bethesda's products except my copy of Skyrim.
2.1k · Dec 2014
her eyes never still -
trace smooth arcs over the scene,
observe everything
2.1k · Apr 2015
'A profound state of unease or dissatisfaction.'

I can understand that.
I ache.
My body twitches with the unseen tremors
     of muscles that were never there.

And sometimes my fingers and skin
fool me -
     wrinkles fade into existence
     as my body is at once
     too large and too small for
     the galaxies burning within.
799 · Aug 2014
a storyteller
pages crisp beneath his hand -
worlds painted in pen
I'm considering making a series of haikus which define specific words. If you have any words to suggest, please send them to me! I'd love to hear them.

(part 1/?)
Thank you so much for the memories,
those moments of pleasure-pain
when I meet
someone with your name
or think in the split-second before reality sets in
that I saw you walking towards me.

Thank you for the little trinkets
that I'll pack away in moving boxes
marvel anew when they surface,
all the way across the continent.

Thank you, all of you, my friends
and family -
in soul, if not in blood.

You knew me and I knew you,
and it was fantastic.
We sat together rolling dice,
or showing each other songs that made us think, "I thought of you!",
or just talking,
or eating,
like the wonderful,
insane human beings we all are.

I could never have asked for anything better.
To Jordan, Kasie, Linnea, Lily, Kirk, Harry, Callista, Sam, Abby, Mrs. Strouth, Mr. Meister, and all the rest: this is for you. I hope we all stay in touch over skype, email, and/or text when I move.
605 · Aug 2014
flickering candle
casts reflections on stained glass -
will-'o-the-wisps dance
Testing my skills at haiku. Any advice or tips are welcome.
593 · Nov 2014
subtle dots of light
whirling through layered darkness -
2-d masterpeice
/chiaroscuro/ - the distribution of light and shade in a picture.
586 · Sep 2014
crystal glass glows under sunlit lances,
trails its shadows over blood red carpet
embroidered with dying embers of
golden thread.

kings never walked here,
and yet
the ***** crystal glints beneath
dusty shafts racing through the caked dirt
to touch threadbare ashes
where embers once glowed
550 · Nov 2014
Who can tell?
Who can tell wild stories?

dragons fly and

stories of mist
curling over
still waters
of an icy pond

stories of time and space
unfolding before
golden eyes -
known by wiser
minds than mine

who can tell
the stories that
stuttering hearts
508 · Apr 2015
creeping poison -
it begins slowly,
spreading filament-thin tendrils
over the surface

then the tendrils turn inwards,
and I find myself trapped
as a plant,
once nourished,
cut off from the sun.

it begins slowly
as all things:
hints of apathy when plugging away
at my favorite game,
the need, the craving,
to chug a bottle of root beer in the morning
or risk crashing,
no strength to keep up a weary facade

And worse,
the creeping,
wondering -

*is it even there at all?
496 · Oct 2014
The clock stops at 6:40 pm local time.

I'm watching through the attic window as the hands stop. The moon's light reflects off ornate gray steel, stopped in precice alignment with faded roman numerals.

Curious, I stand and push up the glass, scan the street below for any signs of movement. Nothing. Nothing's moving.


Then the outline of a falling leaf catches my eye. Heaven only knows where it came from. I certainly don't. It isn't moving anymore, isn't falling as it's supposed to. As I realize what I'm seeing, I notice even more discrepances - things so odd my eyes skipped over them at first: A large brown moth halted in place, wings frozen on a downstroke. Several candles, wicks lit but not burning, not flickering, visible behind my neighbor's curtain.

As I stare at the world around me, eyes wide and definitely not heavy with sleep anymore, my heightened senses tingle. Heaviness travels, did you know? It's physics. Gravity. Something to do with lift, too, I think, chest heaving as invisible bands of iron tighten around my ribs.

Time to sleep...


Outside the window, the clock hands turn.

I wanted to try a more narrative style with my poems.
485 · Apr 2015
will we ever know?
we draw lines in the ever-shifting sands
     'No! That is me, not you!'
     'You idiot, that's ME, this is you!'

and yet the division is far too unclear
for any fool swigging his beer.

as the ever-shifting lines in the sand
tie us all to our meager plots of land,

i - for all that one-letter word is worth -
slip over the boundaries and cross't the hills
make this a test of mind,
not wills,

for in this shattered world, i find,
there is no boundary between me and thine!

only when we all understand
can we end the rivalry and war amongst man -
     so gaze into another's eyes,
     see the common soul you've both disguised
454 · Sep 2014
An Excersize in Patience
down withered trunks red-furred squirrels race
to twirl and dance over stony ground
watchful eyes observe from behind
glossy glass -
the veiled intent behind them yet
lies dormant;
waits to waken under freedom's call.
432 · Aug 2015
anxiety is not panic;
it is insidious -
cool slimy thoughts
snakes winding through the
dusk of my senses.

it whispers doubt
to chill the faithful muscle
pounding relentless against
my breast
393 · Jul 2015
old skin must be shed;
the storm of darkness
after which there is blessed light
A timely reminder to myself.
392 · Aug 2015
up late;
screen light on her face
as she
d e l v e s
to depths untold
374 · Nov 2014
We Say it so Many Ways
fingers dance
up and down
the fretboard
a violinist gives voice
to endless frustration
lyrics hold
meaning -
damaged souls tangle
themselves in the chords,
******* vitality
as milk from a mother
drown out endless
white noise
tears roll down cheeks
pale from
lack of sunlight,
glimmering with
tiny flames as
heros conquer the demons
we /wish/ we
the bravery
to tackle
A short exploration of some of the outlets people use to get away from their problems.
370 · Aug 2014
grace is not simply kindness
or smooth motions
inscribed with arms and legs
as the dancer flows across the floor

she constantly astounds me -
her heartbeat (which I am occasionally lucky enough to feel beneath my fingers) sending life pulsing through her veins,
her laughter (drawn by witty comments) causing my heart to race as well,
her cheeks which flush rose-petal pink when exhilaration sends lightning down her spine

grace can never be explained
or planned -
merely loved wholly or
not at all
three men -

the dark, brooding cloak of darkness
to swoop down,
savior of the lost.

the clever one
victorious and wild,
flying through time and space.

the Oncoming Storm,
green, flashing eyes to hide
like sheathed talons.

three men who are one,
one man who is three -
they scream as they are separated,
scattered across the stars
362 · Aug 2014
Cybermen walked here...
there are holes in the wall
and water's gushing through:
to drown burning metal souls,
to make them all anew

synapse overload -
sensations and colors running riot
as the world reclaims the burnt-out husks
(never have any eyes seen such beautiful sparks, baby)
dissolving to the dark
while cleansing water permeates each casing

cybermen walked here
the boom-boom-boom-boom of their steps could be heard
echoing through streets where children once played;
now empty silver shells are scattered on the ground
a lone man stands over them,
hiding his face from the world
354 · Sep 2014
Terra Infirma
valleys, canyons, and rivers lie
upon my pitted,
329 · Nov 2014
i can't believe i never noticed:
you think of me as art

and that's the most beautiful thing
ever known
326 · Aug 2015
depression joke
the joke is me -
my hair,
my face,
my eyes,
my 'skills'
and everything I ever attempted to do
311 · Sep 2014
what if there were humans with wings
ultimate fission of mammal and bird -
scientific improbability
brought to life
293 · Apr 2015
to my
darkness -
you didn't
when i
they were for
289 · Dec 2014
curled up
safe in my nest of tears
I feel safe enough
to say
the impossible
You hold the best of me, and it fits  perfectly.
Sometimes it's only a few words.
218 · Sep 2014
hands stained red
let's say it all together now:
I'm going to hell but I just don't care
'cause we all gotta see the sun someday

— The End —