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teacath Jul 2020
When the foundation of love isn't strong,
It means that the inner child in you
Has never felt that love.
And so forth, that inner child shall search for love
The way she understands how love is.

Sometimes, there are things in life
That ascends any rational judgement
It works in an abstract way
It moves in respective to how a soul perceives it.
Love, and emotions work that way.

My love? it's like water.
At its best, it moves gently, with purity
At its worst, it drowns u
Leaving you breathless, scared and overwhelmed.

And finally at the end of the day,
I finally faced the truth I have been avoiding.
My weakness?
My strength?
teacath Dec 2018
17 months after
The thought of you makes me wonder
Late at night weather or not
If you have found the next to chase after
Gladly I shall express my profound gratitude
However shall there be a slight uneasiness
In this heart
When you distance away from me,
From my tragic, indecesive self.
I do not ask you for forgiveness
Nor do I ask of you to return to my embrace
All I ask, from this slight selfishness within
For you to only find another
When I think of you no longer
Now I am a mess because of that.
teacath Jul 2018
My dear did you gave me only your leftover love
From all the past lovers of yours
Is that why our love was short-lived?
Is that why you gave it all at the start
And only left me with small amount of remaining
That I have mistaken for a tired lover
Whose heart needs space and time

When you actually need is
Definitely not a girl
That loves you from the surface of the oceans
To the depths within.
If you love the rainbow
That brightens up the sky after a storm
I would run towards the end of it
Capturing every ray of colors
So you could witness its beauty anytime
After all my heart is yours to keep
Not to break.

I understand you need to leave this house that I built for you
For whatever reasons it may be
This house is no longer making you feel home
This house misses your traces
So I cleaned this house again and again
To remove your traces
This house is a spot I made in my heart
That you somehow managed to mess it up
Again and again.

My love
You are a constant in my dreams
Why can't you be one in my life as well?
Happy 1 year anniversary of our breakup. Here's a poem I made last year when I was still sad about it. I'm breathing better nowadays. I hope you do too.

P.s: your name no longer haunts me.
teacath Jan 2018
Tragic is she the one with a beaten soul
Tired by one's own desire and greed
You feed your soul with poison and wonder why your heart is a never ending cycle of broken hope and melancholic song.
My love take care of your gift from God
The heart is at the centre
Because everything revolves around it
Be careful not to give it away
For it may lead yourself astray
teacath Aug 2017
Reasons not to love me.
Number one.
I'm too kind, too forgiving
It won't be fun for you to watch me suffer and feed your ego because while you expected for me to be in flames I was still, swimming in the ocean of the love I have yet to discover parts of it.
Reason number two.
I cry a lot. I cry when I'm happy I cry when I'm sick I cry when im mad I cry when you give me your  big, warm and sweaty palms for me to hold when I'm in need of an embrace. I do not cry when I am sad.
Instead, I weep, I sob and I moan in agony and oh crying is just tears but those involve body movements like holding my face with my hands or putting my hands on my chest as if I'm holding my heart from it bursting out in pieces like the confetti we saw that night when you told me I was beautiful.
Reason 3.
I love too much. I love too hard. It will scare you away trust me because I dont think you could overpower the amount of love I could give to you, honey if I had to give you my heart to you, I would. Literally, I would die for you. I would wrap your fears and hush you a lullaby reminding you that I love every pieces of you that aren't pretty. You are worth the risk for me. Every single day, I convinced myself my tears at night are worth it. Until you left me. That's when I know it was all a waste, an illusion a dust. It was all that to you. You let me dive into your ocean of your once proclaimed everlasting love and I let myself drowned.
So don't love me. Please.
teacath Aug 2017
My heart is the bomb ticking,
Waiting to be explode,

I am a beaten soul
Damaged like a broken promise

You are an empty being
Like your words, your heart is a void.
You filled it with boastful laughters
That just echoes in you and is never a permanent melody
Like my voice telling you not to leave.

I am feeling all the pain
That I have memorized each type and how bad they feel.
They all have a common source,
Your biggest fear, hello betrayal
Funny I wasn't expecting you so soon again.
Funny I thought I won't remember you anymore
The soon betrayal forcefully made an appearance
All the lines, all the lies all the anguish
They form one shape and is once again memorized in me

Your happy face
Is a dreadful thing to see
While my heart is a battleground
At war with all the feelings colliding with each other.

I do not wish to see you anymore.
I wish those lines are true.
teacath Aug 2017
I am going to tell you something,
This will hurt you more than you could imagine
You know the pain, very well
the scars in your heart
Is a strong reminder.

He will love someone else.
She will be in love with him.
They will be perfect for each other.
She lights up his eyes more than you did to his.
She fills his days with laughters and joys more splendid that you did.
He's going to place her carefully in a place in his heart,
The place Where you used to be.
He's going to walk with her
Gently, always by her side.
Like he used to do to you.
Her eyes will cry tears of joys,
Giggles in his car,
Drive thrus after watching movies.
Ice creams after heart to heart conversations.

They will make promises to each other
They will build a life together, living harmoniously, side by side
Through sunrises and sunsets.
Walk by the beachsides
Hand in hand.
From eye to eye.
They are made. For each other.

She will be his world.
And she will not be you.
And you will be okay.
I promise.
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