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Afiqah Jul 16
for even when I am gone,
know that,
these pages have favorably
always been one that has warmly
breathed your name
and I hope these words I have
soulfully written for you
lends you a heartbeat
just the same as I do
each time
you come about to read them

Sitting in silence wrapped in thought
Thinking of what could have been and what was.
Being distraught over the mistakes you've made in life, some few, many most.
Yet the bitter sweet melancholy of life continues, without giving you a second thought.
But here I am, still going deeper into the rabbit hole that are my thoughts.
Some hate the silence, the thought of being alone,  for it shows who you really are.
Maybe abit of gratitude for where you are,  a change in attitude here and there, an appreciation for the solitude, will get you there. -Akash De Mello
Afiqah Apr 2018
there is still a here, a there
one that resides and anticipates for you
breathe now, darling
come meet yourself for
here and there
lies so much faith and hope
if you just seek and give life that
little bit of your whirl

Afiqah Apr 2018
this heart
is always doing
this watchful attentiveness
as if there’s this sick,
devilish seeds of fear
crowning itself into
such fatalists

Afiqah Apr 2018
growth may somehow
look a lot like betrayal
where only after such occurrences
do we all capably finally learn
to mature along with
the damages

Afiqah Apr 2018
of all the nerves they have,
they only ever try
to awfully want to seem good at
taming and demonizing our flames
when they barely
can’t even quite grasp a hold
of their own catastrophes
besides hurrying in those
filthy, greedy acts

Afiqah Apr 2018
I saw that smile
I saw that first embrace,
the late night calls and midnight musings
I saw a glimpse of it all
and it ticks my throb a little
how sometimes,
that this is all it’ll ever be

Afiqah Apr 2018
today’s damage
may have let you seen
a little bit of hell,
but darling,
you will have it in every way mattered
to weather it all out with
your little gods

you will be able to find your mark again

Afiqah Apr 2018
at times,
the unsettledness
would come make a scene,
my late night jitters just readily
sit so well then
it somehow has this romantic way
of making the moon and the stars
feel like the only absolute,
perfect company


— The End —