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You are my beacon as I float endlessly
                                                                         I watch it in your eyes
  disconnected from the words spoken
                                                                                   hiding behind the shadows
trapped as a thinker and a dreamer
                                                                                  collecting pain and sadness
giving the world all your worth
                                                                          splitting at the seams
staying composed and vigilante
                                                                                   in a decaying body of time
meeting serenity in each smile
                                                                            your hands take flight
freeing the lies deep within
                                                                              grasping onto faults for truths
pouring out your heart into my mind
                                                                                      a fear carried willingly
embracing concepts once lost or buried
                                                                                       discarding your merit
brandishing a sliver of love
                                                                                      and weaponizing it to ****
ending a battle fought long and hard
                                                                               our deaths were monumental
As was our rebirth

— The End —