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zackery jennings Oct 2015
as my body lies breathing in deep slumber a dream arrives in the reaches of my mind i awake i look to the end of the bed a snake sits there staring back at me the silver serpent disappears beneath the sheet i felt not a thing it slithered and when i finally threw off that sheet which blocked my view of this serpentine intruder and stood i saw nothing i look down and a glimmer catches my eye the snake was around my waste biting its own tail then i awoke standing in bed puzzled at weather what i had just seen was real or just that of a dream
this is actually a dream i had and the details are what happened the snake when wrapped around my waist reminded me one thing uroboros
trestrece May 2014
ouroboros: siempre regreso a las mismas cosas, me muerdo la cola y termino tragando mierda

— The End —