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Sienna Feb 19
A little native girl,
went upon her day,
not yet understanding,
what was to come her way.

Pale people on ships,
descending down the bay,
would go on to take her,
far, far away.

Too young to comprehend,
her life would never be the same,
and was ripped from beneath her feet,
without any shame.

A glimpse of harsh reality,
in the darkness there she lay,
only foreign men lying to her,
telling her it was okay.

Years went on by,
the destruction of our say,
the blood of the ******,
is now in our vein.

Their newest family,
yells that nothing will ever change;
we cause nothing but issues,
"Just shut up and assimilate,"
james nordlund May 2020
Walking the path Spirit laid bare,

Desert meeting rainbows raining down,

flowing as rivers to Ancestor's Wall,

I felt more fully my 4 day fast's

Vision's tasks before me,

To Sing and Dance with Them

through the night of my chrysalis,

and in the morn', maybe, butterfly,

with their guidance, into rebirth,

Sundance, Great Spirit.
"O'siyo" means hello in a Native American language.  Thanx to the prompt, a beautiful painting by artist Ajikumar R. and written while listening to Robbie Robertson's great song 'Ghost Dance'   :)   reality

— The End —