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I feel the whispers of the Mistress
And the smooth hands of the Mister
The gentle embrace of the beautiful He
And the masculine lips of the handsome She
Four lovers whom fill my heart
Different genders
I shall never care
I shall never care about skin color, gender identification, or hair
Religion, region, since when did it all matter
I'll just love who I love because of their beautiful personality and wonderful attributes.
I could care less if I go to hell
I'd do it for these beautiful people
I'll kiss who I want to kiss
Hug who I want to hug
**** who  I want to ****
Touch who I want to touch
I'll be as close or as much of a stranger to whoever I please
Because it is my life
Not a phony god's, not my parents', not yours
It is mine
I love the smell of her floral scented hair
I love the warm feeling of snuggling with him
I love the sweet words of she who wants to be a he
And the fun times with he who wants to be a she
All the beautiful friends, lovers, and family I have
Why can't they be free
To love who they want to
And same goes for me
I want to be able to hold and marry and kiss my future lover
Just let us love
It is not your life to control
Or to judge
Or to spectate
We are made of the same red blood as you
Eat the same food
Dress the same dress
We are all normal people like you

— The End —