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swarming in to burrow
beneath the skin*
this a plague of much

the locust band
had moved in
with a harmfulness
in its whirling spin

they'd not been detected
by the radar's pin
so unsuspecting were
those who dwelt within

as they stayed
we'd hear but their din
that was full on
regarding the clamorous tin

of the epidemic
which swarmed in
there'd be no possibility  
*for the kin to gain a win
Tony Luxton Oct 2015
Some tell me Blackpool's cool,
so I sit in the cool,
watching a darkening sky,
wrapped against the onshore breeze,
stifling a day's end sigh.

Starlings do maths in the sky,
imaginary numbers,
imaginative paths,
sweeping, forming swarming,
hereditary helix,
genetic genuflection.

— The End —